Watch A Trump Supporter And A Protester Have A Civil Conversation On Inauguration Day

It might give you a little hope for the next four years.

WASHINGTON ― It’s not all threats of repression and rock-throwing in D.C. today.

Away from the pomp and circumstance of Inauguration Day activities, supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump have been walking down the same streets, choosing between the same downtown food options (Subway or ABP?) and dealing with the rain that began just as Trump started to give his inaugural address.

The Huffington Post chanced upon one unlikely pair at Rawlins Park, a few blocks up from the National Mall. 

Cynthia, a Trump fan from McLean, Virginia, has lived near the nation’s capital since President Jimmy Carter took office in 1977. Diego is a high school student from Cambridge, Massachusetts, who worries that Trump is endangering his future.

Each was having trouble understanding the general feelings of people on the other side. How could someone support Trump? How could young people reject him?

They started a calm, respectful dialogue. And they let HuffPost film it.

Watch their conversation above.



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