Trump Supporters In Four Categories: Why I'm With Her

I’d like to present my take on Trump supporters. They fall into four categories.

I’ve taken on the fight against social categorization—the natural cognitive process by which we place individuals into social groups—like a crazy cat lady at a town hall meeting protesting the closing of the local animal shelter. I wear my inability to be easily pigeonholed like a badge of honor.

I’m an African-American single mother from Topeka, Kansas who lives in one of the most affluent (and conservative) zip codes in metro Atlanta. I’m Christian, and proudly chose a multi-racial gay couple from New Mexico as my eldest son’s godparents. My younger two sons attend private school, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I believe in fiscal conservatism but lean liberal on social issues. I’m a political Independent. If I deleted my Facebook profile photo and scrolled through the images of my friends, it would be difficult to determine my race. Or my gender. Or my political affiliation. I’ve had a membership at the local shooting range and the bumper sticker to prove it. Sometimes I feel like walking contradiction. It’s tough to figure me out. And I love it that way.

This is quite possibly because I spend so much of my professional life trying to address and resolve complex social issues. My position makes me empathetic, passionate and provides a unique ability to step into the shoes of others—without judgement. It’s my life’s work because I truly believe there is hope for us all.

Over the last few months, we’ve all seen the typical increase in political ads, pundits, speeches and posts. It’s an election year. The ability to hide behind a computer gives many of us the guts to say the things that we’d usually save for our living rooms. The digital age gives us the platform. I respect those who think or believe differently from me. Recently, however, something has happened that caught me completely by surprise. I have a lot of people in my circle who support Trump.

And I like them.

I don’t just mean appreciating what they know or what they’ve accomplished. These are people who invite me to dinner. People who make me laugh and offer to pick my kids up from carpool when I’m stuck in traffic. They are people who have supported my fundraisers and causes. They volunteer, give back, go to church and they tithe—the full 10 percent. Yet, the images I see on television of Trump supporters are of redneck extremists looking for the first opportunity to punch a person of color in the face at a rally. So for the purposes of shifting the dialogue to reflect my own iridescent and multifaceted reality, I’d like to present my take on Trump supporters. They fall into four categories:

1) #HillaryHaters.

These are the “ABC (Anybody But Clinton)” group that would vote for their cross-eyed one-toothed cousin Leonard before voting for Hillary. Benghazi was deplorable. Deleted emails are unforgivable. Hill-no. They ain’t with her.

2) #ResoluteRepublicans.

Jesus Christ himself could be running as a Democrat and He wouldn’t get their vote. I know, I know, ”Jesus would never run as a Democrat...” The point is, this group is ride-or-die with the party nominee no matter what he says or does.

3) #EstablishmentEnders.

They are tired of the establishment and want something new. The economy matters to them. Illegal immigration matters to them. Black lives matt―-well, let’s not go that far. Why not hire one of America’s most prominent businessmen to run the business of the country? What the hell do we have to lose?

4) This group is one that I rarely hear about. They make me me afraid. Very afraid. They don’t just respect or appreciate Trump. They want to BE him. They are the #TrumpTry-Hards. They want a wife (x3) that looks like his, kids who present like his, money like his and all of the power and freedom that goes along with it. They want to finally say the things they currently reserve for their living rooms while in public, and lose nothing. Then they want the right to change their minds, and lose nothing. While we all want success, they want it in a way that borders on idolization. Not the Mexican Border. The Canadian one.

I know I have left out a few in my list, but I recognize that all of the candidates have a crop of crazy following them who don’t deserve to be enumerated in this article.

I’m not in any of the aforementioned groups, and that actually makes me proud. I believe that America is great. Not perfect, but great. I’m blessed and privileged to live and raise my three sons in this country.

So for now, I am putting down my battle flag and for once, willingly categorizing myself. I’m voting for the candidate who is notably the most qualified person to run for President of the United States has ever walked the face of the planet. I’m a Christian fiscal conservative who believes in the second amendment, national security and school choice...and I’m officially with her.