Trump Supporters Spend a Day With a Muslim

With all of the hateful rhetoric coming out of the Donald Trump camp this election season against Muslims, Arabs, and immigrants, I couldn't believe that half of the voters in this country seemed to be supportive of him as a presidential candidate.

The media firestorms around Donald Trump's declaration to ban Muslims from entering the United States (except for his 'rich' Muslim friends), and him even being open to implementing a database to track Muslims around America had me concerned about this country in a way that I hadn't been before. It was more than disturbing.

Was it justified, or was the media fanning the fires so much that it segregated both sides even more, generating even more hate and misunderstanding?

I wanted to answer this question for myself, so I did what any filmmaker activist would do: I created an experimental series where I brought these two unlikely groups of people together, Muslims and Trump supporters, and pressed record.

Did they change their mind about each other? Watch and find out.