Trump Supporters Turned Down At Door

PELLA, Iowa -- Hundreds stood in line in freezing temperatures for Donald Trump's event, to risk the chance of being turned away at the door.

Donald Trump spoke at Central College in Pella. Although he was 40 minutes late to his own event, attendees didn't seem to mind until some of them were turned away.

"It feels like a rollercoaster and you're going to get to the end of the line, it's going to feel like it's closed, or you're not tall enough," said Ben Moore.

Around 2:45 p.m. people from Trump's campaign went down the long line of people, letting everyone know they may not be let into the event.

"They have been walking back and letting people know, 'there is a chance you might not get in, we just want to let you know that, you're free to stick around, just so you know'," said Liz Tate.

Although most of the supporters in line all brought tickets for the event, that wasn't enough for admission.

A father and son drove four hours from Kansas City and after waiting in line for an hour they were still not close to the entrance.

"We're kind of worried we won't get in," said Jeffery Dunlap. We thought getting here an hour early would be good, but I guess getting here four hours would have probably been better."

The duo eventually accepted the fact that they might not get in, but the amount of people there for the event lifted their spirits.

"It is OK if we don't get in, because I know there will be other chances," said Dunlap. "But it's great to see so many people coming out."

Lauren Morris, a student from Cincinnati, waited in line for two hours to see the billionaire businessman. She said she was hopeful to get in and thought the wait would be worth it.

"It would just suck to be almost close, and then not get in," said Morris.

Mike and Peggy Ives waited outside for an hour and a half before being turned away just as they got to the door.

Workers and volunteers for Trump's campaign blamed Pella's fire code was what prohibited them from letting more people in.

Trump will be in Muscatine tomorrow at Muscatine High School.