GOP Strategist: Nonsensical Trump Talking Like A 'Drunk Guy In Queens'

"This is a tragedy," Steve Schmidt says on MSNBC.

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt blasted Donald Trump’s wild speech during a tax-touting roundtable talk in West Virginia on Thursday, saying the president sounded like a “drunk guy in Queens” spouting “total nonsense.”

Trump claimed that “millions and millions” of people in California voted illegally in the presidential election and that record numbers of women were being raped along the route of a group of migrants traveling from Central America into Mexico. There’s no evidence for either comment. 

Trump sounded “like a drunk guy in Queens at the end of the bar talking complete and total nonsense,” Schmidt said on MSNBC. “That’s the president of the United States of America. It’s just extraordinary.” He derided Trump’s “lack of any comportment” and “dignity.”

“It’s inherent racism, this notion of people are coming here, and they’re black and they’re brown and they’re rapists and they’re murderers,” Schmidt added. “He is speaking to the ugliest threads in the country and in the country’s history.” 

He has “no conception about the greatness of country and why it’s great,” Schmidt said. “And that is a tragedy.”

Schmidt said he couldn’t explain Trump’s behavior because “I’m not a psychiatrist.” 

Trump made a big deal about throwing his prepared remarks out at the start of his talk in White Sulphur Springs. Trump disparaged criticism of him during the campaign when he called Mexican immigrants “rapists.” Women are “raped at levels that nobody has ever seen before,” he said, referring to the migrant route.

Jeremy Bash, former chief of staff of the CIA and the Department of Defense during the Obama administration, said, “This president, when he goes off script, he just starts lying.”

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