Based On His Tweets, Here's What Donald Trump Was Thankful For This Year

Think tax cuts and Sean Hannity's ratings.

Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s that time of year when families across America gather to eat an irrationally large dinner at an irrationally early hour and discuss what they’re most thankful for, like good health, new relationships or ― in the case of President Donald Trump ― tax cuts and Sean Hannity’s ratings.

The president on Thursday met with Coast Guard members, videochatted with troops overseas, ate dinner with his family and visited one of his namesake golf courses. He also tweeted ... a lot. By analyzing those tweets, we’ve determined what the commander in chief is most grateful for.

1. The wall.

The Department of Homeland Security last month unveiled several prototypes for Trump’s long-promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, which Congress has yet to fund. Then Kirstjen Nielsen, Trump’s nominee for homeland security secretary, threw cold water on his promises earlier this month by saying there is “no need for a wall from sea to shining sea.” Still the president tweeted his assurances:

2. Jobs/the economy.

3. Neil Gorsuch.

Trump’s Supreme Court pick was confirmed in April after Senate Republicans ― who for months had refused to consider then-President Barack Obama’s nominee for the seat ― invoked the so-called “nuclear option.”

4. His administration’s efforts to roll back federal regulations on everything from the environment to banks.

Earlier this week, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced his plan to end net neutrality rules that compel internet providers to treat all content equally.

5. The implosion of the Affordable Care Act.

Part of the reason that Obamacare premiums are on the rise is because in October, Trump decided to end monthly payments to insurance companies meant to keep costs down. Around the same time, he took steps to remove a key Obamacare provision that prohibits insurers from denying coverage to or charging higher premiums on people with pre-existing conditions.

6. The U.S. military and veterans.

7. Fox News host and shrieking Trump fanboy Sean Hannity’s ratings.

Hannity sparked controversy this month when he defended Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexually harassing and assaulting teenage girls. But since Hannity’s ratings are indeed ridiculously high, it’s unlikely he’ll see any serious ramifications.

8. These two random vloggers.

Diamond and Silk are the self-proclaimed “most outspoken & loyal supporters” of the president.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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