Trump! The Art Show: A Message from Artists in Texas

Trump! The Art Show: A Message from Artists in Texas
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The first Anti-Trump Art Show in Texas was inaugurated, appropriately enough, on April Fool’s Day.

With 70 exhibits, the show boasts some of Texas’ finest protest-art. And the turnout for the opening night was a welcome sight in this red state. Houstonians poured into world-renowned civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen’s gallery to shock and be shocked. The Kallinen Contemporary sits on the East Side, on the banks of Buffalo Bayou, surrounded by the petrochemical-industrial complex that made Houston the “Energy Capital” of the World.

I asked Randall what motivated Trump! The Art Show. (Note Kallinen's Super Collider in the background above).

“We tried to do something the art establishment in Houston wasn’t willing to do,” he explains. “The show was curated by John Paul Hartman and myself, and we wanted to do something the traditional galleries are too scared to do - tell the truth. We are now living in a time where we have possibly the worst administration this country has ever seen.”

A civil rights attorney by day, Kallinen got his law degree at the University of Houston in 1993. But his passion for art found an expression - first, in his colorful action art splatter-style of painting, and then in the gallery itself - a converted industrial building that serves as the world’s only combination law-office-art-gallery. Kallinen credits his friends John Hartman, Angel Quesada, Solomon Kane, Lester Marks, and the late Bert L. Long Jr., for helping him see the light of art. Quesada (pictured in the cowboy hat, at the very top of this article) and Hartman were the driving forces behind the actual design, layout and installation of the show.

As I walk around the show, I am surprised by the cheerfulness of both the gallery visitors and the artists themselves (Art is group therapy in the Age of Trump). The art work is entertaining, but there’s a message behind every work.

Here’s a sampling:

Redacted Oath of Office 5 by Felipe Contreras

Driver’s Seat by John Linden

Free Speech by Solomon Kane

Disassembling the Wall by Mic McAllister

Contaminated Democracy by Norola Morgan

#Art Resistance Houston by Supér Flaké

Trump, It’s a Ewe by Mojo Johnston


It’s Silly to be Afraid by Daniel Johnston

Civility and Discourse by Christian Perkins

Internet Troll by Jeanette Whitt

Us and Them by Yamin Cespedes

Trumpfuckery by Christian Sarkar

Car Door Trump by Mike Peterson

Liberty and Justice by David Vander Linden

Cut Out by John Davis

Devil Clown Trump by Sam Van Bibber

Orange Baby by Danielle Alsip

Whitening Agent by John Paul Hartman

Daily Spin by Randall Kallinen

Bert L. Long Jr. Tower (aka Long Tower) by Randall Kallinen

The Refugee ReSister by Dannye Jones

9 0 11 11 by Kenneth Coplan

Trump! The Art Show runs until May 13, 2017.

Closing night is May 13, 2017. See you there: 511 Broadway, Houston Texas 77012.

P.S. - we found Trump’s elusive tax returns (by Angel Quesada):

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