Trump: The Great White Hope

What makes a divisive, tough talking, reality star the Messiah for many Republicans? Fear.

Donald Trump is the Republican frontrunner. And recent polls show him with a 49 percent approval rating among the Republican voters nationwide. That number is astounding. Especially considering The Donald's rhetoric, proposals and lies. Here are just a few (and there are many!):

On the topic of immigration, Trump not only shows his disdain for undocumented immigrants in general, but for Mexicans in particular.

He wants to build a wall with Mexico and have Mexico pay for it.

And of course, he feels the Latinos here from Mexico are drug dealers, rapists and murderers.

When it comes to African Americans, he claims not to know about David Duke, refuses to disavow Duke's support or disavow the Klu Klux Klan.

And at a recent VSU rally, a group of black students were ejected by Trump's security team.

This is a man who questioned the birth place of the first African American President and who tweeted false stats about blacks killing whites. But he saves the majority of his hatred for Muslims.

He proposes a ban on all Muslims coming to the United States.

He has spoken of Muslims registering with a governmental data base or having to obtain and carry I.D. cards, as well as searches of Mosques without warrants and surveillance placed upon Muslim Americans.

And although certainly not all Muslims are terrorists, nor are all terrorists Muslim, Trump proposed to take out any terrorist's entire family, a point which made me shudder thinking about the 6-month-old the San Bernardino terrorists left behind.

And at an event in Iowa, he mocked a man wearing a turban, holding a sign ironically stating "Stop Hate."

Although Trump did not propose internment camps for American Muslims, he said he might have supported the idea when FDR did just that to Japanese Americans during World War II.

Now some analysts will tell you that the reason a man who is anti-minority and so seemingly filled with hate is so popular is due to the dissatisfaction with our current administration, or with the economy, and they're angry. Others will say it's the composite of the majority of the Trump supporters. Most are uneducated, most are white and most are male.

Wait, what's that? Most are white and most are male??

Ah yes, folks. That IS the reason. Most are white, and most are male.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2014, over 50 percent of children under 5 were minorities.

That means, by the year 2054, whites will no longer be the majority here in the United States.

And that scares the living daylights out of those currently white majority males who see their power and their majority position in this country slipping away in the next 29 years. It makes them fearful. It also makes them vulnerable to the buy the bundle of racist goods that Donald Trump is selling.

Think about it. The white majority feels their jobs, security and basic way of life are threatened. If all the undocumented (brown people) are deported, all Muslims (more brown people) are prevented from coming in and the rights of the Muslims here (even more brown people) are taken away, then perhaps, eventually they'll leave too. And what would happen? Those petrified white males would once again be in the majority.

They need someone to blame for their slipping status. So why not the undocumented immigrant? The Hispanics? The African Americans and of course, the Muslims?

Donald Trump's not just popular because he is a celebrity, a rich businessman and a reality show star; it's because he is truly the Great White Hope for the dying majority.

And the reason that majority is dying is simple: whites reproduced at a smaller rate than minorities. Yes, it's that simple. Or, maybe, it's karma.