Trump the Perfect Iconic President

Trump the Perfect Iconic President
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A connection was established in my mind as if there were fireworks bursting after a festival. It dawned on me that President Donald Trump is the iconic president of the United States of America. It is as if he was the toxin that came from that machine in season three episode six of Rick and Morty, “Rest and Ricklaxation,” which was extracted from the political system. This is to say that President Donald Trump is exactly what is wrong with everything in the United States of America.

First, the white Americans who feel they are not being recognized fairly, or people that voted for Donald Trump. It is evident through Donald Trump’s vague statements he makes constantly that he is similar to that boss or supervisor that promises a lot of things, but tends to rarely deliver on those promises. They promise to promote and elevate a person towards high heights in the company when they talk directly towards the person in private because they know if it is said publicly, they would need to deliver on the words uttered. But, if they mentioned it privately, they will not have to deliver it. This is where he (Donald Trump) runs into trouble because he has said it publicly to a lot of people. Inside he might know that it will cause harm to the cooperative (United States of America) he is working for; nonetheless, he lies to himself about the consequences for pride and no one can call bullshit on him, which will ultimately lead to the conclusion just made in the lines above. Moreover, to distract the people in this cooperative, he targets minorities and entities that call bullshit on him. Yet, in reality, he is allowing the cooperative to be sectioned off and revenue drained by large private entities through favorable laws and policies. For instance, he promises to shrink designated areas to give back the rights to the groups (states) in this cooperative. But, the shrinking is to increase mining and drilling prospects, so these areas become private. Essential, the group loses control of the area, which it claimed in the name of group rights. In addition, this leads to sections of people in this cooperative to make hate clubs to protect their collective identity. The club is once again nonsense and moronic, for hate has no factual basis. It is based on human constructs that neither makes much sense nor have any ground in reality. They just serve as distraction to what is occurring in the cooperative, the sectioning off and revenue draining by large private entities.

Second, the voters who want to shrink or privatize government in the aim for more rights. The assertion is laughable due to the simple fact that the people who benefit from a smaller government is the large private entities, for example if the Internal Revenue Service budget shrinks, it would a benefit to those who are avoiding taxes or other tax related matters. One should not seek smaller government, but a more effective one that properly operates and prosecutes. Furthermore, the idea those private companies can do better than government is hard to argue. They take taxes from individuals, yet operate to have a high profit margin. One could take the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Emergency Rooms, or the privatization of medical services as an example. The difference is in incentives for public and private companies. A public service would raise taxes and seek methods to make the services cheaper in hopes that more of the service can be provide because a public service reputation reflects the individual that people voted for, and those representatives would do anything for a service that is tied to votes. Whereas, a private service would try to effectively provide less in hopes that is can increase its profit margin, which allows the representative to avoid full blame for any mishaps or bumps. Basically, public services act as a progressive force, and private acts as a conservative force. An effective policymaker would consider the incentives, disincentives, consequences, and benefits that might be created by a decision of publicize or privatizing.

Finally, why is President Donald Trump the perfect icon for the United States? He represents the organized corruption and privatization tendencies that representatives have inside them as well as the second-to-second lobbying in government. President Trump has filled his cabinets with lobbyist and private interest groups, which is reflected in Richard Trumka experience at the White House. In addition, he has used the president seat as a merchandising arm and to protect merchandise.

We need to demand sensible ideas and to remove business interest from government because business strives to consider their needs over the needs of the public. This can be seen in the toothbrush indecent or the mayo indecent. Thus, let us ask our representatives for more representation!

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