Trump THIS! The 12th Annual Open Call Exhibition at the Art Car Museum

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<p><em>Divided We Stand</em> [2017] by Bruce Anthony Hunt</p>

Divided We Stand [2017] by Bruce Anthony Hunt

Christian Sarkar

Houston, TEXAS - Even as the city slowly recovers from Hurricane Harvey, there’s a buzz at the Art Car Museum on Heights Boulevard. Trump THIS! is a thought-provoking exhibition to say the least. It’s the 12th Annual Open Call exhibition which this year was open to the first 100 artists to register!

The Art Car Museum, or “Garage Mahal” as some call it fondly, opened in February 1998. It was founded as a not-for-profit arts organization by Ann Harithas, artist and long-time supporter of the Art Car movement, and James Harithas, currently Director of the revolutionary Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Houston, Texas.

The museum’s goal is to “encourage the public’s awareness of the cultural, political, economic and personal dimensions of art.”

My awareness is certainly encouraged, even though this isn’t my first, or second, Trump show. I recall that Trump is not a friend of art.

I meet artist John Mitchell Linden II at the door, and he graciously gives me the tour, stopping to point out a few of the subtle (and some not-so-subtle) expressions of freedom we call art. I’m gobsmacked at both the quantity and quality of the works. Post-Harvey, Houston’s art community is as vibrant as ever.

Here’s a selection from the show:

<p><em>Trump Smartwater </em>[2017] by Herb Shapiro</p>

Trump Smartwater [2017] by Herb Shapiro

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Epic</em> [2016] by Damon Thomas</p>

Epic [2016] by Damon Thomas

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Mother, Do you think they’ll build the wall?</em> [2017] She Serves Whisky Collective</p>

Mother, Do you think they’ll build the wall? [2017] She Serves Whisky Collective

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Poison the Rat </em>[2017] by Kenn Coplan</p>

Poison the Rat [2017] by Kenn Coplan

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Promises, Promises</em> [2017] by Michelle O’Michael</p>

Promises, Promises [2017] by Michelle O’Michael

Christian Sarkar

Here’s Linden’s work (below), with some serious archetypical action. The smokestacks, the military-industrial complex, the art of the shady deal, the mute violin with no strings, the burning facades of our empire, the setting sun, a manhole, and the oil tanker sailing by smooth and slow. What more can you ask for? It’s everyman’s favorite dystopia - the present reality!

<p><em>Postcard from a friend (Don’t Wish You Were Here)</em> [2017] by John Mitchell Linden II</p>

Postcard from a friend (Don’t Wish You Were Here) [2017] by John Mitchell Linden II

Christian Sarkar
<p>GoldPlated Lies [2017] by Ed Wilson</p>

GoldPlated Lies [2017] by Ed Wilson

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Trump and the Golden Turd</em> [2017] by MK Ghonima</p>

Trump and the Golden Turd [2017] by MK Ghonima

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Shitting on Top of the World</em> [2017] by mitch samuels-grystar</p>

Shitting on Top of the World [2017] by mitch samuels-grystar

Christian Sarkar

A theme seems to be emerging.

<p><em>Outrageous Acts, Everyday Rebellions</em> [2017] by Becky R. Soria</p>

Outrageous Acts, Everyday Rebellions [2017] by Becky R. Soria

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Jonathan’s Spirit Key Ball of Fire Chariot </em>[2017] by Jonathan Rosenstein</p>

Jonathan’s Spirit Key Ball of Fire Chariot [2017] by Jonathan Rosenstein

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Red, White, and Blue Plate Special </em>[2017] by L. Kelly Lyles</p>

Red, White, and Blue Plate Special [2017] by L. Kelly Lyles

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Earthman 2 on Abandoned Interstate</em> [2015] by Dion Laurent</p>

Earthman 2 on Abandoned Interstate [2015] by Dion Laurent

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Chupacabra on the Texas Border</em> [2011] by Jeffrey Brailas</p>

Chupacabra on the Texas Border [2011] by Jeffrey Brailas

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>If You Aren’t at the Table, Then You Are on the Menu</em> [2017] by Stephanie Darling</p>

If You Aren’t at the Table, Then You Are on the Menu [2017] by Stephanie Darling

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Wall of Emotion</em> [2017] by Lyn Sullivan</p>

Wall of Emotion [2017] by Lyn Sullivan

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Refugee </em>[2017] by Magda Boltz Wilson</p>

Refugee [2017] by Magda Boltz Wilson

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>Throne of Eyes; The World is Watching </em>[2011] by Joe Hale Haden</p>

Throne of Eyes; The World is Watching [2011] by Joe Hale Haden

Christian Sarkar
<p><em>January 21, 2017 The Women’s March on Washington</em> [2017] by Cindee Klement</p>

January 21, 2017 The Women’s March on Washington [2017] by Cindee Klement

Christian Sarkar

There is one work that evokes hope and love:

<p><em>Planet LOVE (where LOVE trumps all) </em>[2017] by Alicia Duplan</p>

Planet LOVE (where LOVE trumps all) [2017] by Alicia Duplan

Christian Sarkar

But for the rest, I’d say the terrorist in the White House is not much loved. Still, at least there are shows like Trump THIS! happening in Texas. That itself is a small victory.

I wave goodbye to Alicia Duplan - she’s the definitely the most cheerful person here. Thanks, John!

<p>Alicia Duplan, assistant director, Art Car Museum </p>

Alicia Duplan, assistant director, Art Car Museum

Christian Sarkar

Nicely done. The Trump THIS! exhibition runs through November 19, 2017. There’s still time to catch it.

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