Trump Threw Trans Soldiers Under The Bus Just To Distract From GOP Health Care Grift

Trump’s reasoning for banning Trans military members is not only outdated, but it also makes zero financial sense.
Trump possibly thinking the T in LGBT stands for “Trump” as he waves the Pride Flag.
Trump possibly thinking the T in LGBT stands for “Trump” as he waves the Pride Flag.

Donald Trump, unlike that “Crooked Hillary,” is a total friend to the LGBT community. After all, he said so, on many different occasions. He’ll even let Caitlyn Jenner use any bathroom she wants in Trump Tower. How brave!

^Trump being brave AF and ending intolerance.

So I guess in our celebrity obsessed culture, this was enough to definitively claim that Trump is LGBT friendly - Or BLT friendly, Or BBQ friendly - to be perfectly honest - I don’t think Trump knows what the letters stand for - maybe he thinks the T in LGBT stands for “Trump”

Because while mentioning time and time again that he “ will do everything in [his] power to protect our LGBTQ citizens” he did the exact opposite of that for one of the most discriminated parts of the said community with an astonishingly bigoted move of barring Trans citizens from military service on the same day that President Truman desegregated the armed forces 79 years ago.

Truman’s decision highlights the American tradition of segregation in our military. An unfortunate reality, that we still need to face apparently.

But at least for some, this could be the definitive moment that clearly highlights how little care Trump has for the LGBT community & the military... After all, nothing says “Thank you for your service” like a discharge letter issued to 9000 active military service members and 6000 reservists because of something they can’t change about themselves.

For Trump, trans military servicemen and women were nothing more than political cannon fodder - because in the throes of Senate deliberations on the least popular legislation in US history - Trump performed his singular competent political function, distraction.

But look, you might be thinking, Donald is simply a fiscal conservative who had to take these measures because of the economic concerns raised by his generals.

Let’s break down why that reasoning is intellectually dishonest:

Trans servicepeople’s medical costs are around two to eight million dollars a year, and that is a minuscule fraction of our insanely inflated military budget.

The US military reportedly wasted $28 million dollars recently on forest camouflage for Afghan troops - who are fighting an urban war in a country that’s only 2.1 percent forest. But to be fair, the forest camouflage is pretty tight when you’re trying to fight Ocelot in Snake Eater so that could be one reason.

And if we want to desperately trim the fat from our military - which is something I am absolutely on board with - we can maybe start off with some of these wasteful expenses before moving on to straight up discrimination:

  • $80 million on golf courses
  • $86 million on erectile dysfunction. $40 million of that just on Viagra.
  • $6 million on goats. We spent 6 million dollars on goats.


  • $125 billion dollars that the Pentagon wasted on “bureaucracy” that they hid.
  • Or the hundreds of billions of dollars of equipment that we never use, and sometimes end up selling at a loss to local police departments in rural areas.

But no, go on ― tell me how big a burden trans people in the military are.

Or we can cut the sh*t and stop spending trillions of dollars on senseless wars all around the world. But what do I know - I’m not a well equipped military expert like Donald Trump who dodged the Vietnam War to play intramural baseball.

Look, there is no other reason than bigotry for this decision ― plain and simple. The “distraction” argument, just like the “economic factor,” are both red herring reasons ― supplying the intolerant base with a talking point for Facebook statuses so they can feel better about their transphobia.

Trump is secretly erasing the existing rights that the LGBTQ community has, he refused to recognize pride month, he’s removed hundreds of references from government websites, and now he’s banned trans people from contributing to our national defense.

And much like most of the talking points conservatives advance to mask their shitty opinions, Trump’s are not exactly clever and they are absolutely recycled. These are the same reasons they’ve advanced in support of discrimination towards black people, and discrimination towards women.

But lest we forget, consider why we’re talking about trans rights in the military while there’s a catastrophic bill being debated on the senate floor today.

This new policy was released as a means of distracting attention away from what’s going on in the Senate, because the Obamacare repeal and replacement will have far more wide-reaching negative consequences on trans Americans - as well as millions of others.

Keep calling your senators and make sure their phones melt. And also, on this day, let’s honor Ivanka Trump’s service.

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