Trump's Tie Was Held Together With Tape At The Inauguration

It wasn't the first time he rocked the tape-tie.

In December, then-president-elect Donald Trump got a lot of flak after a photographer and an unfortunate breeze revealed that he held his tie together with sticky tape.

New photos from Friday’s inauguration reveal that the tape was not a one-time sartorial decision. The billionaire once again opted for holding his tie together with tape as he was sworn in to be president of the United States.

A closeup of another shot revealing the taped tie.
Bloomberg via Getty Images
A closeup of another shot revealing the taped tie.

The tape wasn’t the only issue, though. Numerous people pointed out on social media that Trump’s tie was abnormally long.

Stephen Colbert also made fun of Trump’s tie length, saying, “You can use it for all sorts of things, for hiding an erection for instance, which I will not have for four years now.”

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