Trump to Reach Out to Early Colorado Supporters, like State Sen. Laura Woods

Trump to Reach Out to Early Colorado Supporters, like State Sen. Laura Woods
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Donald Trump will reach out to "all candidates who were with [Trump] early" Colorado Trump campaign director Patrick Davis told radio listeners Wednesday.

"It's a brave thing to be a Trump supporter early in Colorado," Davis told KNUS 710-AM's Peter Boyles.

One of the first candidates in Colorado to support Trump was State Sen. Laura Woods (R-Westminster/Arvada), who in January called the mogul one of her two favorite presidential picks.

Woods: "My favorites are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump."

So you'd expect the Trump campaign to be reaching out Woods soon.

After a Trump rally last week, Woods reiterated her support for Trump, telling the Colorado Statesman's Ernest Luning that Trump is the "people's candidate."

"I am not considering running away from him," Woods said. "He is the people's candidate. The people have spoken across this country -- 14 million voters. I heard the other day that 86 percent of Republicans say they will vote for Donald Trump. That doesn't say to me I should run away from him. Why would I do that?"

Davis didn't promise that Trump would connect with Woods, but he did tell KNUS host Peter Boyles that Trump would reach out specifically to George Athanasopoulos, who's challenging U.S. Rep. Jared Polis of Boulder.

Davis said, "Trump and his people will reach out to all candidates like George, who were with him early."

Woods' and Athanasopoulos' positions on a number of issues reflect Trump's.

Both Trump and Woods are against even the most modest gun-safty legislation, instead favoring near unrestricted access to guns, including opposition to background checks for all people who buy guns.

On foreign policy, Athanasopoulos told me he differs from Trump in that "I would like to see specific objectives, like addressing the threat of ultra-orthodox Islamic terrorist groups."

But some of the congressional candidate's positions are even more unorthodox than Trump's.

He once tweeted, for example, that a father has legal rights to stop an abortion because "that child is of him. It's part of him."

"Correct me if I'm wrong," Athanasopoulos tweeted from his "George for Colorado" Twitter handle, "but men are involved in conceiving children. Therefore, we have rights as fathers."

While Athanasopoulos has a steep uphill climb to win his race, Woods' race is widely considered a tossup, with the outcome likely to determine which political party controls state government in Colorado.

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