Trump Told The Truth About Russia, And It’s More Terrifying Than The CIA's Report

Trump asks Putin to hack Clinton, promises reward at Doral, Fl. golf course.
Trump asks Putin to hack Clinton, promises reward at Doral, Fl. golf course.

Donald Trump predicted that Vladimir Putin would be richly rewarded for releasing emails damaging Hillary Clinton, but the media didn’t take him seriously.

They took the clickbait.

Donald Trump told the truth, that Vladimir Putin would be graciously rewarded by American media desperate to objectively portray Hillary Clinton - undeservedly so - in the same negative light that bathes the Republican President-elect.

Right after Donald Trump publicly asked Vladimir Putin to hack into his enemies’ email accounts and leak it, he said this:

“I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

Trump was right.

Major network news programs devoted scant time to covering issues, but covered Hillary Clinton’s email religiously, as it crowded out policy entirely from the political discussion.

An entire cottage industry popped up around Trump’s supporters and Clinton’s emails, a fake news complex that monetized the lies for fake news outlets.

If an adult in Los Angeles or a teenager in far off Macedonia could equally profit from telling lies to Trump supporters, then clearly there were financial incentives for mainstream “objective” media outlets to cover Clinton’s emails in the same newsworthy manner as Trump robbing his charitable fund (he admitted lying and mismanaging the charity to the IRS post-election), being sued for fraud (settled post-election) and his ties to Russia.

Objectivity goes out the window if all you’re going to report is false equivalence.

Watch Trump’s announcement in Miami on July 27th a little more closely now that you know Russia spent the whole election helping the Republican candidate according to the CIA, and they sat on emails they hacked from the RNC.

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