Trump Turns Presidency Into a Yoooge Infomercial

JUPITER, FL - MARCH 8: A display including Trump branded wine, champaign, water and steaks is seen before republican presiden
JUPITER, FL - MARCH 8: A display including Trump branded wine, champaign, water and steaks is seen before republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is expected to speak at a campaign press conference event at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, FL on Tuesday March 08, 2016. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Of course! Why in the world didn't we see this before? Now it seems obvious.

Right from the start it was a curious oddity as to why a billionaire like Donald Trump would seek the presidency. No one thought he would actually run. After all, he was all about making money. Money money money. Everything with Trump has always been about making money. As much as he could get. More more more.

He wasn't interested in policy. He wasn't interested in government. He wasn't interested in helping people. Public service? Huh? Dedicating one's life to improving the lives of others? Is that a joke?

When he actually did join the race for president, the reason seemed apparent enough. He was just another megalomaniac unable to resist the lust for power and control. Typical stuff.

But Trump has now taken it to a whole new level.

His recent victory speech was incredible. After winning the primary elections in Mississippi and Michigan, Trump was set to take the stage and address his supporters. But this time things were different.

Surrounding the podium were racks and racks of product placement displays, sort of like when you walk into a Kmart and are accosted by the racks of whatever trinkets are on sale that day. These racks, however, were filled with various Trump products that are available for sale to consumers.

Stacks and stacks of bottles of Trump wine from the Trump Winery. Cases and cases of bottles of Trump water. Cuts of Trump steak, carefully arranged and displayed on a wooden cutting board. And copies of Trump magazine available for your perusing pleasure.

After taking the podium and bragging about his victories, Trump then turned to his true nature. He began hawking his products.

He held up a recent issue of Trump magazine before the cameras and proclaimed it to be "great."

He pointed to the racks of wine bottles and claimed that he makes "the finest wine, as good a wine as you can get anywhere in the world." He boasted that his winery is "the largest winery on the east coast" and that it is "one of the great vineyards of all time."

Of course! No wonder Trump is gunning for the presidency! This is the greatest platform in the world for self-promotion!

This makes perfect sense.

We totally should have seen this coming. Trump has been hawking his products in various ways ever since he launched his campaign. He is constantly brandishing his books, holding them up to the cameras, and hyping their greatness. He pumps his latest magazine covers and upcoming interviews.

He stages campaign events in his own hotels and golf clubs, and then exploits the opportunity to promote these properties and corresponding events that are held there, like the golf tournaments and the celebrities who attend.

Over and over again we hear about his latest real estate development project in Washington, D.C. featuring a new luxury hotel in the old post office building on Pennsylvania Avenue. We hear how fantastic it is. And he has even managed to slyly mention the date of its grand opening.

He's a huckster. A peddler. A born salesman. This is who he is. This is what he's all about.

No wonder he is dying to get into the White House. You can't buy publicity like that!

Just imagine four years of this guy as president. We'll have Trump products and promotions coming out our ears.

Governing? Nah, don't worry about that. It's easy. Just make America great again.