Twitter Users Skewer Trump's Bizarre Rant About '6G' Technology

One person also asked for time machines and robots that "do for chores for us."

President Donald Trump was ranting on Twitter Thursday morning about the need for America to adopt “6G” technology as soon as possible.

Problem is, “6G” doesn’t currently exist and may not for at least another decade.

But why let facts get in the way, right?

The fifth generation wireless standard ― 5G ― is being tested in some cities now and will eventually replace the current 4G LTE standard used to transmit mobile data. 

But as Gizmodo pointed out, the standard for what constitutes “6G technology” has yet to be defined or developed, meaning that the president’s demand for 6G is “a bit like asking for an amplifier that goes up to 11.”

Twitter users were more direct in their snark. Much more direct.

Some Twitter users were skeptical.

Others suggested there are more pressing priorities than 6G.

Finally, one person had a business proposition for any journalist covering Trump.



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