'Daily Show' Launches NCAA-Like Tournament To Find Trump's 'Greatest' Tweet

The four brackets are "celebs," "gov't affairs," "enemies" and "WTF."

Millions of sports fans are filling out their brackets for the NCAA Basketball Tournament (a.k.a. “March Madness”). But over at “The Daily Show,” they are doing something different. 

“Third Month Mania” is a tournament dedicated to Trump’s “greatest” tweets (”greatest” being a matter of opinion, of course). After scanning the president’s entire tweeting history, the show has picked 64 classic examples of Trump at his craziest.

The NCAA Tournament divides its teams into four regional brackets, but “The Daily Show” divides the Trump tweets into four categories: “Celebs,” “Gov’t Affairs,” “Enemies” and “WTF” (those tweets that defy explanation).

Like the NCAA tournament, the top seed in each category plays the No. 16 seed in the first round.


Gov’t Affairs



Fans can vote in the first round on the Comedy Central website for the next four days. Voters will weed out the threatening 32 starting next Monday, followed by the surly 16 and the angry 8 the week after that

Three weeks from now, the show will unveil the top Trump tweet of all time. 

“Daily Show” correspondent Hasan Minaj emphasized the importance of voting on Monday’s show.

“This time, the popular vote actually matters,” Minaj said.



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