Trump Tweets That He Agrees 'Wholeheartedly' With Pence About Bomb Scares

One Twitter user noted the president's retweet was basically, "Yeah, like totally what he said."

Donald Trump was apparently too busy during his “executive time” to craft his own tweet condemning the “potential explosive devices” sent this week to Hillary and Bill Clinton’s home; former President Barack Obama’s office in Washington, D.C.; and CNN.

Both Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. posted tweets condemning the attempted acts of violence, as did Vice President Mike Pence.

The White House did issue a statement condemning the bomb scares, but the president only personally acknowledged them by retweeting Pence’s tweet on the matter.

Many Twitter users found Trump’s retweet a sign that he lacks character (or since this is Twitter, “characters”).

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story indicated Trump had not released a statement on the bombings. In fact, the White House released a statement.



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