Trump Tweets 'Isn't It Ironic' And Gets Mocked With Alanis Morissette References

Like the things mentioned in Morissette's song, "Ironic," nothing that Trump is griping about is actually ironic.

It must be tough being Donald Trump these days: You try to tweet about how hard your life is, and all anyone can do is make Alanis Morissette jokes.

That’s the tragedy that befell the president Thursday morning after he griped on Twitter about his upcoming week.

Sadly, Twitter users couldn’t just let the leader of the free world vent when they saw the president’s tweet began with “Isn’t it Ironic?” ― the key phrase in the iconic hit song off her 1995 album.

Some couldn’t help but do the Twitter version of singing at the top of their lungs.

Others adapted the lyrics slightly.

But others argued that the president’s idea of irony isn’t that ironic.

And some pointed out the real irony.

Others were angered by what they perceived as Trump’s cruel streak.

Here’s the original song for your memory banks. You can thank us later.



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