Trump Twitter "Saboteur," Bahtiyar Duysak, Goes from Hero to Zero

Trump Twitter "Saboteur," Bahtiyar Duysak, Goes from Hero to Zero
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<p>Bahtiyar Duysak, “accidentally” shut down Trump’s Twitter feed.</p>

Bahtiyar Duysak, “accidentally” shut down Trump’s Twitter feed.

Talk about a let down. Bahtiyar Duysak, the German contractor who, for the past few weeks, was hailed as a hero in anonymity by millions, worldwide, for temporarily deactivating Donald Trump’s Twitter feed has come forward, saying it was all just a big mistake. Thanks for ruining the party, bro.

I don’t know about you, but it feels like one of my heroes just died. Next, you’re going to tell me there is no Santa Claus, and the Lone Ranger, who saved that whole town from Butch Cavendish, just happened to be passing through and accidentally fell off his horse and landed on the bad guy, knocking him out. The mask was just a mud mask. His eyes were a bit puffy that morning.

Maybe it doesn’t translate as well in German, but we need guys like you, Bahty. At least we need to believe there are guys like you out there. Especially now, when a pedophile stands as good a chance as any of becoming a United States Senator, and we have a sexual predator as POTUS. We need these moments of Guerrilla Liberty, no matter how small.

Unfortunately for us, Duysak is apparently either a Trump supporter, or the most honest human being on the planet, as he claims he was simply ‘doing his job’ and forwarding Trump’s flagged account for further review when he packed up and left and headed back to Germany, whereupon it was deactivated. He appears as unconcerned with all the fanfare that’s been heaped upon his shoulders, and as uninterested in keeping the story going, as Chicago’s Steve Bartman.

But this whole situation of mistook intentions now begs the question: Would you rather be known as a hero to millions the world over for the rest of your life for your inspirational stroke of absolute genius, and guts, in temporarily silencing the most offensive and deplorable mouth of our generation, or the goat who admits his now legendary feat was, in fact, an accident, and that not only are you not Jack the Giant Killer, you’re just an average Joe with no apparent awareness of who and what our so-called Commander in Thief is. In fact, you’re a dude who gives the dudes in Dumb and Dumber a run for their money, so tone deaf to the thunderous applause you’ve received for the past several weeks, and how important your little stunt was to so many, you even apologize about the incident? WTF? It’s not like you’re returning a wallet full of money and deserve praise for your honesty. Your now-fictional, heroic act of sabotage was nothing more than a split second of ‘oops!’. Couldn’t you have just left well enough alone?

Coming forward with your story of deflation/deflection now has caused the pendulum on the Let-Down Scale to swing comparable to when you’re little and you lose your first tooth and you think the Tooth Fairy took it, and your folks let you think that for a full twenty-four hours, before coming clean and telling you the truth. If that’s what the truth is, I’d rather live in the Matrix and think there are people out there who take it upon themselves to commit random acts of bravery in the name of freedom, equality, and common sense, intentionally. The apathetic alternative is just too real for the moment.

Besides, it’s not like the guy lives in Pittsburgh and the Secret Service had his mother’s house surrounded with agents, demanding his surrender. This guy is a German. A citizen of the country that mocks our beleaguered POTUS on a weekly basis almost as much as we do. Thus, he’d either have to be living under a rock to not know how much Trump is despised by most Americans, as well as most Germans, or the dumbest, most clueless individual to walk the earth since, um... @Realdonaldtrump.

Not to mention, Duysak claims he came forward because he, his family, and their friends were being “constantly harassed” by the media attention. Okay, but if you had to pick, would you rather have a group of friendly paparazzi camped outside your house who think you’re the coolest thing since Fonzie? Or a group of deflated, pissed-off, jet-lagged scoop-hungry journalists who will now make it their mission to take their revenge out on the guy who’s responsible for them eating nothing but schnitzel for the past two weeks and sleeping in the worst motel in Stuttgart? Simply inexplicable, bro.

What’s even more inexplicable are those who continue to laud Duysak as a hero, even after he admitted the thing was an accident.

That makes about as much sense as giving Austin Powers the award for Most Cunning British Super Spy.

Sorry, my clueless German friend, but there are just some things better left unsaid. This was definitely one of them.

1 point for honesty. -99 for stupidity.

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