Trump's History Of Employing Undocumented Workers Goes Way Back, Report Says

Despite his anti-immigration diatribes, Trump has employed dozens of undocumented workers at his New Jersey country club, The Washington Post reports.

President Donald Trump has long employed undocumented workers at his New Jersey golf club despite his racist and anti-immigration policies and rhetoric, according to a new Washington Post investigation.

The Post reported Friday it located more than a dozen workers in Costa Rica who said they were undocumented when they worked at Trump’s country club in Bedminster as groundskeepers, housekeepers and dishwashers.

The former workers said their supervisors at the Trump club knew of their undocumented status, and some managers discussed obtaining fake documents.

“This golf course was built by illegals,” Dario Angulo, who said he was an $8-an-hour grounds crew worker at Trump’s resort, told the newspaper.

The former workers said dozens of other undocumented immigrants worked at the Bedminster resort, often following family members and friends there. Other undocumented workers came from El Salvador, Mexico and Guatemala, among other Latin American countries, which Trump has regularly denigrated.

A police report obtained by the Post through a public records request shows that as far back as 2011, officials informed Bedminster’s head of security about an undocumented worker’s false documents.

The article adds to reporting by The New York Times about two undocumented women who worked as housekeepers at Bedminster. One of them, Victorina Morales, left her job on her attorney’s advice after the Times article was published in December and currently faces deportation.

Morales attended Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday as a guest of Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.).

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