Trump University: No Longer A University?

Trump University: No Longer A University?

New York's Department of Education has come close to saying "You're fired" to Donald Trump.

Turns out the mogul's self-named university is a less-than-collegiate.

In a letter obtained by the New York Daily News, state educrats railed on Trump for using the term "university" to describe his online school, calling its use of the name misleading and even illegal.

This isn't the first setback for the self-described "Ivy-League quality" school. The Daily News reports:

Adding to Trump's woes, the for-profit firm that promises to teach wanna-be billionaires the secrets of deal-making was hit with a D-minus rating by the Better Business Bureau in January.

A Trump college official said that the school would cooperate with authorities and consider changing its name to the less august Trump Education.

Meanwhile, Trump himself continues to enlighten his followers. On the university's Facebook page, he's posted an essay about how golf helps him stay successful.

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