You Can Get Trump's Voice On Your GPS Now Because We're All Masochists

Get to your destination. Bigly.

If you already have a miserable commute and feel inclined to make it worse for yourself, then Karta GPS has an offering for you: The navigation company has recently added a Donald Trump impersonator to its repertoire.

Meaning that if you want someone to tell you “go straight ahead, it’s tremendous!” or “You have reached your destination, let’s make navigation great again!”, you’re in luck. (Seriously, these are real quotes from the device.)

We have absolutely no idea who would want this or why it seemed like something to bring to fruition, especially when the current political climate is extremely fraught. We’re just surprised it doesn’t lie about where you’re supposed to go. We’d imagine a more true-to-life iteration of this software would tell users things like “Turn left... I said right! SAD!” or “Believe me, you don’t want to make a U-turn. Nut job!”

At any rate, you can snag Trump vocals for your GPS in the Karta GPS iOS or Android app via the Downloads section. You can also get a voice that sounds like Bill Clinton, which is arguably a less unsettling alternative.

What a world, friends. What a world.

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