Former Trump Aide Mark Meadows Removed From Voter Rolls Over 'Potential Voter Fraud'

The former White House chief of staff is under investigation by North Carolina elections officials after he registered to vote at a home where he never resided.

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows has been removed from voter rolls by election officials in North Carolina while he is being investigated for possible voter fraud, according to local TV station WRAL.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation last month began investigating whether Meadows, who served as a congressman in North Carolina before his time in the Trump White House, illegally registered to vote using an address where he reportedly never lived.

Meadows used the address — a mobile home in a remote area in the western part of the state — to vote by absentee ballot in 2020, according to The New York Times. The owner of the home said Meadows’ wife stayed there once, but there’s no indication Meadows, who no longer lives in the state, ever visited.

Providing a false address on a voter registration form is a federal crime.

Meadows’ former boss, Donald Trump, talked up the purported threat of voter fraud countless times throughout his public life. The former president is still actively lying about the 2020 election despite zero evidence of widespread fraud.

Meadows himself was scheduled to be the keynote speaker of an Arizona anti-voter fraud event just days before the North Carolina probe was announced. He never appeared.

Meadows isn’t the only former Trump administration aide who potentially violated federal voting law. Matt Mowers, a leading Republican primary candidate looking to unseat Rep. Chris Pappas (D-N.H.), voted twice during the 2016 primary election season, according to the Associated Press.

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