Trump voters: Come get your people

We’re all hoping this is not an example of a typical Trump voter’s beliefs. 
Help us by speaking up.
We’re all hoping this is not an example of a typical Trump voter’s beliefs. Help us by speaking up.

Hello, Trump voters!

Congratulations. You won a hard-fought, uphill, Quixotic battle that nobody thought you could win. I will not be so petty as to withhold praise: You certainly pulled out all the stops to win.

I could be bitter. OK, I’ll say it: I AM bitter. This is a very hard pill to swallow. We progressives thought we were so close. I bought champagne for Tuesday night. I had a picture of my daughter all ready to go up on Facebook, celebrating the win of the first female president. This was going to be a night to remember forever.

Well. It certainly was.

So, here we are. And no, I’m not going to call you racists. I’m not going to call you bigots. I’m not even going to call you out on voting for someone who says it’s OK to grab women by the... Well. Let’s not go there tonight.

I’m writing to ask you a favor tonight.

A humble, crow-eating, sobbing favor.

Take responsibility for your people. Call them out on the hateful things they say. If, as you truly say, most Trump supporters aren’t racist, misogynistic creeps (though, come ON, guys — the scary frog guys on Twitter? Let’s at least admit THEY’RE a problem,) then you need to prove it.

Prove that Trump supporters aren’t racist.

When you hear your pals talking about brown people being deported in February, are you laughing? Because your kids hear that. When Black Lives Matter was all over the news, did you demand that all members denounce the cop killings? Oh, you did? Then you have to stand up and denounce every instance of Trump supporters bashing gays, black people, brown people, Muslims. They're not making this stuff up.

You can’t just say, “Oh, it was a hired liberal designed to make Trump supporters look bad.” Come on. Really? We all know better. At this point, we’re all in this mess together. Let’s be honest about the mess, at least. Some Trump supporters are racist creeps. A very small percentage of Muslims are terrorists. A black guy shot cops. And you guys insisted, howled, and yelled that black people and Muslims needed to stand up and take responsibility for the crimes of a few.

Well, here we are. You guys need to own the violent attacks that are going on. I do believe some of you are great people who voted for Trump because you’re pro-life, or because you want a better job, or because you think he’ll do a great job. I’ll never agree with you, but I can respect that, grudgingly (I’m working on the “not bitter” part.)

But if you really are decent, kind, open-minded people, then act like it. Step up, NOW. When you see attacks by Trump supporters, what are you doing about it? Are you just saying, “Oh, that doesn’t represent us? People know better,” and ignoring it, or worse, “It’s someone from the other side trying to stir up trouble?” There are too many stories. It really is happening.

This is ON YOU to stand up and stop it. They’re certainly not going to listen to me. They’re too busy calling me a “butthurt libtard.”

My Catholic and Evangelical friends: You’re better than this. Instead of spending your time defending why you voted for Trump, or what a great president he’s going to be, speak your truth. Tell your fellow Trump supporters that violence is not OK. Tell them that it’s not OK for their kids to tell Hispanic children they’re all going to be deported, or that Trump’s presidency is not going to change anything for black people, while the KKK is planning a victory party.

I expect better of Americans. I expect better of, yes, even Trump supporters. Get out there and prove that you want to Make America Great Again by easing some of the pain.

And if you’d stop gloating and calling us names like “libtard”, it would go a long way toward believing that maybe it’s going to be OK.

In the meantime: Come get your people. We’re all watching to see if you keep them in line.

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