Trump 'Wall Of Lies' Resurrected In Manhattan After Vandalism

Now it's twice as big.

A mosaic of about 20,000 of President Donald Trump’s lies was reborn in SoHo in Manhattan earlier this week after vandals had defaced the original exhibit.

The public art “Wall of Lies,” which looks like a mass of multicolored Post-it Notes (they’re color-coded by subject), now covers a 100-foot-long section of cyclone fence, Time Out reported. All of the false or misleading statements by Trump since the start of his presidency in the exhibit were identified by Washington Post fact-checkers.

The mosaic was initially displayed in Brooklyn outside independent Radio Free Brooklyn in Bushwick, but it was vandalized with pro-Trump slogans, including “Vote Trump or die” and “Stand back and stand by,” which was the president’s message to the Proud Boys hate group during his first debate with Democratic rival Joe Biden.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) visited the wall in Brooklyn before it was defaced and picked out several lies about him.

“Seen from a distance, it looks like chaos — perhaps an apt metaphor for this presidency,” Bushwick artist Phil Buehler told the Bushwick Daily. The work is a collaboration of Buehler and Tom Tenney, the executive director of Radio Free Brooklyn.

“But when you step closer, you can read the individual lies, which are in chronological order, color-coded by categories like coronavirus, Russia, immigration, the environment and jobs,” Buehler added. “Then when you step back, you can recognize patterns in Trump’s lying.”

The defaced wall of lies remains in the original site.

Creators held a fundraiser to remount the exhibit — at twice the size — in downtown Manhattan.

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