TRUMP: When Is Enough, ENOUGH!

With each passing day the dystopian future that we’ve all feared to imagined or experienced at the local cineplex, appears to be within reach and just over the horizon, especially because of the unqualified idiot that currently resides in the White House who communicates in bit characters like a 12-year old. The sacred home and beating heart of our democracy is on life support as the country continues to reel from the inept actions of an angry 33%, an electoral college that is completely in disarray, and of course there’s the matter of the strategic attack and collusion put into play by Russian adversaries.

If this doesn’t sound unbelievable to you, imagine having to continue to peddle along on this roller coaster that is out of control and spiraling down; it’s already off the rails so that’s the least of our worries! The only thing left for Donald Trump to do is push the red button — and he will! Any day now! The one-time reality TV personality (”one-time” because his show The Apprentice was cancelled due to lagging ratings) and real estate mogul (is still questionable especially when he refuses to reveal his taxes) has hijacked our government using it only to glorify his brand, a brand that has done everything to work around the tenants of his own “Make America Great Again” motto.

Along with the support of a fraction of the population, a disgruntled “basket full” of individuals, some racists and bigoted corporate big wigs, and the very-abled 21st Century might of the Kremlin’s own computer hackers including their accomplices at WikiLeaks, Trump was able — even to his own surprise — steal the 2016 elections. Stealing is after all just one of the qualifications that help get this disaster of an individual elected; he’s been stealing and cutting corners, pilfering from the weak his entire career to fill his own pockets with little or no consequences, and now America is paying the price. Not just here at home, but all around the globe and Trump and his goon squad of counterfeit billionaires rape the planet.

Trump and his League of Losers worked side-by-side with America’s greatest adversary Putin to plunge the election into chaos. You can believe what you want, but the facts are clear as crystal — unless what you deal in is crystal meth (and I suspect that many of Trump’s supporters, not-excluding some of his own personnel — we see you KellyAnne — are inch deep in this vice) that Trump’s associates (because he’s so stupid) took measures to work with the technology they had and turn the tables in their favor. Of course, the 33% that voted for The Chump are convinced this is just a conspiracy theory created by the mainstream media, a term that they only learned (4 syllables are a reach for them) from their messiah, Donald Trump.

Now we sit on the brink of nuclear annihilation because this Twitter Twat can’t control himself, and as he continues to mock and stick it to North Korea (like a dumbstruck fool under a bee’s nest), a country mind you that for all intents and purposes had been under watchful guile during the Obama administration. Do you really want to remain so ignorant as to believe that all of a sudden North Korea has become this “superpower” on the world stage? The capability was always there, but it’s only now as these two backyard bullies play Stratego with the world’s fate hanging in the balance. All that Trump sees is the possibility of a huge crater, either on Eastern or Western soil on which he can construct another failed monstrosity to put his name on.

But if you’re content that eventually that promise of an invitation to visit Mara-A-Lago will be arriving soon in your mailbox, just sit tight, all you Trump supporters! Because of his tactics on immigration, DACA and his bigoted treatment of “Dreamers” you’ll get your invite soon than you can hope — after all he’s going to need to staff his properties. You didn’t think that he was going to get the GOP jobs there, did you? Why he’s promised them major real estate deals on the vacant lots that will exist once hospital facilities are forced to close down because they’ve trumped health care. Don’t worry, once North Korea takes out California and much of the West Coast, your votes will no doubt guarantee you 4 more years, or perhaps the rise of the Trump Empire!

Given George Lucas’ Star Wars prequels were no much for the Original Trilogy, but everyone saw them — and by the time we got to Episode III we understood clearly, if we don’t invest and investigate to protect our own democracy, so idiot is going to manufacture a huge war that will upset every noble democracy, and when everyone is tired and at its weakest, that idiot will install himself as Emperor! Where is our new hope?

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