Trump Will Lose in New Hampshire

US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks to the crowd during a rally February 8, 2016 in Manchester, NH.
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US Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks to the crowd during a rally February 8, 2016 in Manchester, NH. US presidential candidates, including billionaire Donald Trump and under-pressure Democrat Hillary Clinton, criss-crossed snowy New Hampshire in a final frantic bit to win over undecided voters before Tuesday's crucial primary. / AFP / Don EMMERT (Photo credit should read DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

I want to make sure that you heard it here first: Donald Trump will lose the New Hampshire primary tomorrow. His performances are becoming more and more bizarre as his once seemingly iron grip on the nomination continues to slip from his greasy grasp. I am not saying that he will not finish atop the pack, only that his performance is certain to be underwhelming.

In a very real way he is a victim of his own foolish boisterousness, his childish and outright juvenile histrionics, his overblown sense of self, and the type of callousness with respect to serious issues that is more befitting a hillbilly than a billionaire. Donald Trump will continue to underwhelm because of one thing and one thing alone: namely, he is dangerously reactionary.

As a child will continue to act up the more he or she is encouraged by adults who view it as momentarily cute, Trump is truly energized as his animated overreactions are rewarded by applause from crowds who are legitimately frustrated by a dysfunctional government and society that has handsomely benefitted the likes of the Donald Trumps of the world. Sound wacky? Well that is because it is the nature of the Republican side-show this election cycle.

The fact that these very same individuals are willing to turn the keys of the car over to the drunken fool who crashed the last one is truly reflective of the schizoid behavior of the substrata of the American populace who never have taken the time to consider anything other than their own well-being. Thus, Trump represents the quintessential embodiment of a philosophy, loosely and generously afforded here, that worships winning above all else. The only difference is that many of these same people have won trophies that when they attempt to cash them in are shocked to find that they are made of metal not gold.

Trump could actually lose the popular vote. In a year of living flippantly, polling is relatively worthless. In New Hampshire, this has always been true to a large degree but this year the fickleness of the electorate could upset the apple cart entirely. I predict the larger the turnout the more precarious Trump's position. He can and most likely will portray his best Charlie Sheen "winning" smile no matter what the result, but make no mistake about it he is sinking like a rock.

Trump is destined to disappear from this Kafkaesque nightmare that has captivated media coverage over the past half year or so -- and the sooner the better. He is boorish, uninformed, illogical, inconsistent and a bully. Not one of these attributes have any endearing qualities attached to them at all. Donald Trump will lose in New Hampshire and America will benefit. And if my prognostication is wrong, I will continue to insist that it is only inevitable in hopes of not losing my own mind or soul.