Trumpdiculous. Son of A Who?

The ridiculousness of the president of the United States of America calling NFL players Sons of A B**** because they are expressing their right to freedom of speech is TRUMDICULOUSNESS AT ITS FINEST. Well, this is pretty low and Mr. 45 just insulted players and their mothers. Why? Is he trying to create a distraction?

What are we really arguing? Is it the flag or is it plain old cognitive dissonance? Whenever someone has a belief system that becomes upset and or contradicts another belief system, the mind begins to try to find a way to stabilize a belief. The ego attempts to find a way to make an excuse for the contradiction. Cognitive dissonance allows you to formulate a narrative that will cause ease for the mental anxiety.

Example of Dissonance

Saying and believing that you honor and respect freedom and democracy but you will not stand in opposition of (therefore agreeing with it) police brutality, racism, white supremacy, and killing black people in America. You will excuse it away as:

• They are bad people

• Those people can’t really be that bad off (because you don’t understand their experiences)

• If they weren’t chanting Black Lives Matter, they wouldn’t get hurt

• You can’t bring politics into football (however, oppression and racism are allowable)

If we can devise people as being wrong, then we will not have empathy for them. So, you can try to excuse away the truth if you like but TRUTH WILL ALWAYS BE TRUTH. Will you allow the truth in your mind and life?

It seems today it is more divisive to call a racist a racist than actually being a racist. In my day we had a saying, "If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!” I was watching Marc Lamont Hill on CNN, and he said, “White supremacy resents free black minds and black bodies.” Can this be the reason some people are so angry? Is privilege at stake here? Sadly, some individuals are afraid of free black minds. Are Americans even aware of their dissonance? For some, no. For others, yes.

Still, there is no equal outrage for killing black people than there is about standing up for a flag. It is absolute ridiculousness. When deflection stops, we can get down to the real problem of Racism and White Supremacy in America. Colin Kaepernick is protesting the brutality and mistreatment of black people. So, why is his stance more offensive than killing human beings? It shouldn’t be! His protest has now prompted entire teams to kneel or lock arms. #takeaknee.

I think 45 wants someone to tell him,” You’re Fired!” Just a hunch. What do you think?

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