President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

Look, I’ll explain this once.

If Trump accuses you of corruption, wrong doing or merely being SICK/SAD, it’s a JOKE unless it gets some traction in the press as a real ACCUSATION and then it’s REAL, until it’s DISPROVEN, which it will be, because he’s a font of DECEIT at which point it’s FUNNY, get it?

Now, if the traction gets blowback and complicity from his supporters or GOP party, they will use that as political ammunition, so it’s NOT FUNNY at all but DEADLY SERIOUS and worthy of possible INVESTIGATIONS at which point it’s time to get SILLY again because there’s NO EVIDENCE, and never will be, because what’s REALLY SERIOUS is that he’s a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR at which point it’s HILARIOUS, because all his stuff is MADE UP.

Just like the way he stoked those BIRTH CERTIFICATE DOUBTS for FIVE YEARS to stay RELEVANT until he declared Obama a CITIZEN last December, and he cited those CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE numbers he loved through the last five years for pointing out the TRUTH about unemployment numbers that were lowest in years, but still wavered, he DOESN’T BELIEVE THEM NOW which is REALLY FUNNY, because the C.B.O.numbers today say TRUMP CARE will knock TWENTY FOUR MILLION people off their MEDICAL INSURANCE, which is WILDLY ENTERTAINING because he doesn’t want it called TRUMP CARE, except that EVERYONE calls it that, even though NO ONE wants their name on such an ODIOUS and CRUEL piece of legislation, just like most of Trump’s new buildings.

Just like the way he called the Affordable Care Act OBAMACARE, hoping to taint Obama with a bad moniker, but the JOKE is that people LOVE IT NOW as twenty two million Americans newly covered under insurance they couldn’t afford previously, which is very SERIOUS, but also FAKE NEWS, (which also means just stuff Trump DOESN’T LIKE), which might or might not be WACKY, depending on which reporter, attorney, Gold Star parent, SNL actor or Corporation he doesn’t control that he’s TAUNTING on TWITTER and trying to DESTROY which is all in GOOD FUN.

So get over it and stick to what is really SERIOUS, which is Obama being a very very POPULAR President, unless you DON’T BELIEVE those high poll numbers or big inauguration CROWDS he had which is SAD, that Trump’s inauguration was MUCH SMALLER, but hey those are the same poll numbers that made TRUMP popular as well, which is pretty LOONY, so get with the program like Press Secretary SEAN SPICER says and don’t take ANYTHING Trump says SERIOUSLY because any of it might be a JOKE, or MAYBE NOT, depending on which of his constant diarrhetic avalanches of ACCUSATIONS and SLANDER stick to the wall and DISTRACT from the real TREASONOUS activities he’s involved in, some of which are SO SERIOUS they’re IMPEACHABLE but which are pretty SIDE SPLITTINGLY DROP DEAD FUNNY when you put them in FINGER QUOTES, so when careers are ruined, health care gutted, pollution newly dumped in streams by stripping the clean water act on DAY ONE, and ROLLING BACK REGULATIONS and gutting Federal protective agencies, wherever he can throughout corporate America, most LAUGHABLY on Wall Street, it all makes for some PRETTY WITTY stuff when you realize he campaigned on exactly the opposite PROMISES of EVERY ACTION he’s taken, but that’s because he was NOT BEING SERIOUS, he was only JOKING FOLKS because Trump is such a FUNNY GUY.

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