TRUMPet, A Call To Fear

After a reflection on the trajectory of themes and messages circulating in the means of communication, it has become evident that the Republican Party is shifting on some ideologies, which is caused by Donald Trump and his supporters. It is absolutely normal that the shift is occurring at this point of history, yet detrimental to the Republican Party.

The Republicans for sometime praised Laissez-Faire theory while discussing the damaging effects of foreign competition and undocumented immigrants. These talking points are at odds with one and another because the theory is about allowing the markets to be at the command of demand, and allow the free-flow of goods and services. Furthermore, against Citizens United, some businesses neither have a moral compasses nor a soul. Their sole purpose is to ensure they can get a high volume of their goods or services on the market at the lowest cost. This can be demonstrated in the conditions of the factories in parts of Asia. In addition, this can be damaging to the country they leave because it takes jobs away. Moreover, foreign competition and undocumented immigrants are a part of Laissez-Faire due to the simple fact of demand. Businesses need workers that are reliable, cheap, and effective. So, moving countries that have little to none rights for their workers is a great advantage to them. Also, if there is a short supply of workers, undocumented immigrants can fill the request quickly. Therefore, on one hand, you have elected officials, policymakers, and so on telling the beauty of an open market. Yet, on the other hand, they tell the dangers of it.

Now, mix that history with the news and information being shared recently. You have the ingredients for Trump's policies and ideas. His policies will do more harm than the promised greatness. Trade deals, foreign contracts, movement of goods, environmental reform, and so on will be alternated by his policies. Even his personal attitudes and remarks are indications of a horrible potential official. There are many examples to be drawn from his stance on the media, individuals that disagree with him, and his personal remarks to defend himself. There is plenty wrong with him as a candidate, but his supporters are enraged by the promises given by past republican figures. Trump supporters have given power to those (right-slouching: news, community figures, and elected officials) that seem to have their interest in mind. It is natural for humans to gravitate towards things that agree with their political views, which has been slowly crafted by: the past republican establishments, their families, events, friends, communities, and important figures.

The trumpets may have been bellowing for sometime, yet those who are not listening due to the slow clogging of their eardrum by past events and experiences. They should start listening before the American Seal is broken. But, there is some hope with the younger republicans that tend to differ on key policies.