'Trumpkin' Head is Even Bigger than the Donald Himself

You have to admit, that gourd's got some great hair.
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Let's make Halloween great again.

An Ohio woman decided to get political this halloween by opting for a Trump-O-Lantern, instead of the typical Jack variety.

Jeanette Paras painted Donald Trump's face onto a giant pumpkin as part of her yearly "pumpkinizing" process, which consists of taking a topical celebrity or politician and reproducing their likeness onto a pumpkin.

"I just 'pumpkinize' whoever is visible in the media over the time," Paras told CNN.

This year's "Trumpkin" took 10-hours to paint and weighs 374 pounds, according to WSPA Channel 7 News. That's a big head. The gigantic gourd must have quite the inflated ego, just like the man who inspired it.

You have to admit, that gourd's got some great hair. Paras fitted it with blond wigs to emulate the classic Trump swoop, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Of course, this isn't the first "Trumpkin" to grace the front doorsteps of halloween enthusiasts across the nation. Earlier this month, another skilled carver shared his tips on how to achieve the perfect Trump-O-Lantern.

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