Trump's All-White Convention

Apart from the vapid speeches, the implicit race baiting, the suggestion that the poor (most of whom, by the way, are white) are un-American because they are getting “free stuff,” the clear plagiarism in Ms. Trump’s speech, the absence of a Who’s Who of top Republican party leaders, the reluctance of people to utter the name “Trump,” immigrants castigating other immigrants, the complete absence of any mention of our number-one security threat ― North Korea, the failure to voice the words “gun control,” “assault-rile ban,” “prohibition on gun purchases by those on the FBI watch list,” or the Cleveland police’s appeal for no-carry regulations, last night’s opening to the Republican convention showed, in white and white, that the Republican party has no room for minorities and little concern about their welfare.

The implicit theme, “We are white and you aren’t.” was all on full display on the telly, just not in living color. Instead it was in white color ― a sea of white people dying to make America America again, which means white again.

Sorry, those days are over and aren’t coming back even if we halt all immigration starting today. Demographics always have the last word and all demographic projections point to African Americans and Hispanics becoming the majority within 35 years or somewhat later depending on immigration policy.

The Republicans, if they were serious about making America safe, could have spoken about a host of actual policies that would deliver that end. I would have been delighted if they had plagiarized my platform book in this regard. They could have called for a militarily enforced, immediate ban of short-, medium-, and long-range missile tests by North Korea, a militarily enforced, immediate ban on all long-rang missile tests by Iran, the systematic and immediate recapture of every major city (starting with Mosul) held by ISIS in Iraq in Syria over the next six months led by NATO, Russian, Saudi, and other Arab troops, the requirement that U.S. police use non-lethal weapons in non life-threatening situations, the legalization of drug use by non-violent, adult users, the dissemination to very large numbers of deputized, responsible, fully vetted adult members of the population (think teachers, off-duty police, former military, TSA staff) of non-lethal means (think stun guns) to defend themselves and others (including police) in the course of terrorist attacks, such as Orlando, and the list goes on.

The Republicans, like the Democrats, are short on ideas and long on rhetoric. The Trumpies are also very short on minorities, which speaks volumes for their true values and who they’re worried about.