Trump's And Macron's Reactions To Daft Punk Medley Could Not Be More Different

At least one president enjoyed the performance.

Donald Trump closed out his visit to France on Friday by attending a Bastille Day celebration with French President Emmanuel Macron.

On a bright day in Paris, both presidents watched as U.S. and French soldiers marched in happy unison on what was also the 100th anniversary of the day American troops entered World War I. The event also included a fun Daft Punk medley, courtesy of a military band.

Daft Punk, of course, is the French duo known for catchy tracks and shiny, anonymizing helmets who’ve broken into U.S. Billboard charts with hits like “One More Time.”

Trump is, apparently, not familiar with their music.

As realization dawned on Macron during a rendition of “Get Lucky,” his face lit up and he appeared to chuckle to himself while his neighbor looked on in seemingly bored silence.

Their reactions could not have been more dissimilar:


Afterward, the pair capped off the visit with what was perhaps the world’s most awkward handshake.

Happy Bastille Day!

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