Behold, Trump's Cabinet Members As 'Sesame Street' Characters

Meet "Chaired Cushioner" and co.

“Sesame Street” is known for its good-natured parodies of famous people, even featuring a Donald Trump-esque character called Ronald Grump

Since the current administration seems to love “Sesame Street” and PBS so much, HuffPost Comedy decided to give members of Trump’s Cabinet a “Sesame Street” makeover.

Sean the Spice Bottle

Sean is a clumsy spice bottle from the spice rack. He desperately wants to make things taste better so they’re easier to swallow, but Sean the spice bottle can’t seem to keep a lid on it, and usually ends up making a mess.


Steve Bananan

Steve is a banana, and incredibly proud to be a banana. In fact, he usually can’t wait to peel away the layers and show everyone just how white he is. Nothing says “potassium, potassium, potassium!” like Steve Bananan!


Chaired Cushioner

Chaired is a cushion who loves to make people feel comfortable. So comfortable that they trust him with the most important jobs and secrets, even if he’s not even remotely qualified to have access to them.


Ryan 3 Bus

No matter what terrible things might be going on, Ryan the No. 3 bus believes everything is wonderful. His driver couldn’t be doing a better job! People he swerves past on the streets yell encouraging things! Climate change? Bah, nonsense! No need to get that carbon emissions test! 


Kellyanne One Way

Kellyanne is a one way sign! She’s here to teach you that there is only one right way to go. Unless she switches sides or gets turned around, then that’s the one way.


Bed Carson

Shhhh, Bed Carson is sleeping! And he’s also very good at helping you sleep! There’s nothing bad underneath, don’t worry about that, just sleeeeeeeeep!


Ike Fence

Ike is a white picket fence with small town values, and he keeps unwanted people away from his neighborhoods and bakeries and bathrooms. He looks after the house while his owner is away at the golf course, on vacation, or at the golf course while on vacation.



Important "Sesame Street" Moments