Trump's country called money

History is filled with so much irony it might have been written by Noel Coward, minus the wit. For years the right wing in America accused every liberal of being a Communist and a traitor. Now the right wing is enthralled by Putin and Russia - admiring the thuggery and calling it strength. Trump and Manafort are purveyors of this new myth. Some bloggers are truly worried by this Russian connection of Trump's and like in days of yore they call it treason. For me it is merely stupidity disguised as policy - but not for this blogger who wrote: "Comrade Trump is in the pocket of Russia. His economic and political ties are there. He asked Putin to cyber attack the US and offered to give over a free country to Russia. Add to this the fact that Comrade Trump hates the US and it's armed forces shown by his attacks against soldiers and their families. And his daughter "Ivanka" is one of his chief advisors. This Russia loyal scum should be kicked out of the race and out of America."

Poor "Ivanka" - one who now follows all the rituals of her husband's religion, and while she adheres to the commandment to honor they father, yet she seems to have missed its primary precept "Love thy neighbor like thyself." The very anti-ness and rage against the stranger of the Trump campaign leaves all religions outside the door.

The rhetoric of those who associate Trump with treason reminds me of the Republican rhetoric of the nineteen-fifties - and I am sure it is wrong based upon what we know of Trump. He has only one loyalty, not to men, women, or children - and not to Russia - only to money. Wealth is the measure of any man or woman he knows. Money is his native born country to whom he has pledged allegiance. If that man is a Russian oligarch who can lend him millions at low interest and buy a piece of property from him -- that man is a friend and fellow countryman. Loyalty can be counted in dollars and rubles - not in ideology. The amazing talent that he has is in turning his beliefs upside down for the mob. He clearly has nothing but contempt for the poor white men who attend his rallies - he considers them "white trash" losers yet he has convinced them that he will protect their interests - that they will be masters of the world once again if he is elected President. In this he is a true revolutionary candidate - and he would, I fear continue to encourage assassination when he loses the Presidency - because his bruised pride demands a little blood to help him heal. No, he is too inept to be a foreign spy, but just smart enough to be a Russian dupe, and a great American danger.