Trump's Elegant Exit

Trump's Elegant Exit
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I had a wild dream last night. Donald Trump actually made America great again, or at least took a big step in that direction. I won’t spoil the punch line. Here is the speech he gave on a surprise prime-time television appearance. It went something like this:

SETTING: Donald Trump at podium, no campaign signs.

“Americans, from the beginning of this campaign I told you that I’d make America great again. Tonight by stepping down from this presidential campaign, I will do so with my head held high—because the campaign I waged is an important first step to illuminating one of America’s greatest hindrances. We have a problem folks. The largest threat to America is not ISIS or Mexico or Hillary Clinton – it is much deeper than that.

I won the nomination of a major political party by insulting its leaders. I trashed party leaders like Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Lindsey Graham and Senator Ted Cruz, party leaders that represent the future of the GOP. I disrespectfully spit on the sacrifices of a war hero named John McCain, who I claimed was not a hero, because he was captured. I’m so sorry for that, Senator, my apologies.

The point is, outside of a few brave souls, nobody in my party stepped in and objected. They sat silent, and then they eventually nominated me as their best choice to represent them.

I disrespected women, used vulgar terms to describe why one accomplished female reporter was not fit to interview me. I trashed the mother of a fallen soldier, among others. On a national stage, during a primary debate, I made reference to my genitals. I won that primary contest.

I left that stage thinking, “What do I have to do to get these people to reject me?”

I made fun of a reporter that suffers from cerebral palsy, mocking the way he talks and walks due to his affliction. I really had time doing that, and figured it would be the end of the line for my candidacy run. But my popularity only grew.

I alienated whole groups of Americans and world cultures. I fomented hate against Mexican Americans, some of the most family-oriented, hard-working people in our nation. Many new immigrants work tough jobs for low pay, they pick our vegetables, make our hotel beds, and ironically, are the skilled masons that build our homes and yes, our walls. Yet when I suggested that they should be removed from the country, supporters exploded with approval. When I made up that nonsense that we’d build a wall and Mexico would pay for it (something we have no way to enforce) my followers didn’t question it—they raised a fist and chanted in unison, “Build that wall!”

I criticized a sitting judge, disrespecting his fine record of impartial justice, because of his Mexican heritage.

At rallies, I moved participants to violently attack and expel people with thoughts that did not fit their beliefs.

I never spoke about economic, domestic or foreign policy. I never outlined a strategic plan for America’s future. I just said, “It will be great.” And you bought it, maybe even found that enough to stick a sign in your yard.

I’m the candidate of the party claiming to represent superior family values, yet I’ve paraded my fractured families, children from multiple mothers and failed marriages, wiping my feet on the sanctity of the very institution of marriage.

I’ve continually demonstrated behaviors that are inconsistent with the teachings of Christ. Nobody in my party, folks that continually claim that Christianity is under assault—said anything. I screwed up Bible references, and claimed that we should kill the families of terror suspects. On top of disrespect for the afflicted, women, and fellow politicians, none of these reflect the values of scripture.

Last week I accepted a Purple Heart, the highest decoration for a soldier’s sacrifice as my own. I trivialized it, said that I earned it the easy way. That was really hard to do, because I really do respect the sacrifices of others.

Which brings me to the Khan Family. It hurt my heart to do what I did, to criticize this grieving family of a fallen war hero. But I did it. My supporters approved, and piled on, trashing the woman who lost her son in sacrifice for a war on terrorism.

So how does this make America great again? This is how: My campaign has pointed out a tremendous flaw that threatens our republic—ourselves.

Why would almost nobody in my party stand up when I attacked John McCain, Megyn Kelly, the reporter with cerebral palsy, Governor Ted Cruz, Gazala Khan, or our sitting President? What would Jesus do? He would not have done what I did, that’s for sure, and nobody in my party, none of my supporters, stood up and objected. My party, is the silent party of hypocrisy.

I showed that a charismatic businessman with no experience in government can compel forty percent of a nation to coalesce in hate, and vote to change policy to enforce dangerous rhetoric. I showed the danger that someone could get millions of votes and rally millions of supporters by promising only to destroy enemies, deport immigrants, and never provide any hard discussion of foreign or domestic policy. That’s pretty scary.

As a businessman I also learned a lot about people, and how easy it was to manipulate them. In the days of unearned loyalty to two broken parties, an internet that propagates false information in an instant, and rabid hatred for diversity in this nation, it was important for me to test how far I could go as a loose cannon, a hateful, angry, idea-less loudmouth. I needed to show you how easily you are fooled.

My point—Get your head right America. Don’t vote for me or Hillary. You can do better. Maybe you don’t deserve better, but the concept of America and what our founders dreamed of certainly does.

The way to make America great again is to demand more from our leaders. Don’t blindly defend those in your party ― be more critical because they represent YOU. Hold them most accountable. Run our best, our brightest to govern our nation.

I’m stepping down from this exposition and will watch what you will do next. Look at evidence. Ask hard questions. Think about long term ramifications of our actions on the America’s future, our international relationships, teaching our enemies and embracing our friends. Think about how our great economic power affects our citizens, but also impacts our environment, our planet, and the poor.

Again, I’ve used this elaborate ruse to demonstrate how easily you can be fooled, and that unquestioning party loyalty can cause you to abandon the Constitution, your faith, and your fellow citizens.

My job is done here. Try again folks. You have 90 days to find two people that actually provide sound leadership. You don’t need to make America great again. You just need to improve its leadership to make it better.”

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