Trump's Head Is in the Toilet

Donald has the chutzpah to "shry" ("holler") about Hillary returning late from a break at the third Democratic debate. After months of pissing and dumping on the other presidential candidates in full view of the public, his face showed revulsion as he said, "It's too disgusting" to consider. It's been reported that she was delayed because the women's bathroom was farther from the stage. Any woman who's been to a Broadway show has experienced Ladies Room angst, watching men zoom in and out while we wait on a long line to use the sadly inadequate facilities provided for us. Though I love Spanx, it's possible they've added to the wait time. While it's hardly America's biggest problem, maybe a woman in the White House would focus some attention on this aspect of sexual discrimination.

The leading Republican contender insisted his use of the word "schlonged" to describe Hillary losing to Obama had nothing to do with the male organ. J.J. Goldberg recently defended him in The Daily Forward, explaining that in a particular New York area, it did, in fact, refer to losing big time, contending that his use of the word shouldn't matter. The conclusion is true, but it's because if you take this one statement out of the equation, nothing changes. Trump is still a shameless, nasty bully.

Now he's kvetching ("complaining") that everyone needs to fight fair. How ironic to hear this from a man whose campaign has been a series of below the belt attacks. It's understandable that voters have lost faith in our government, but Donald Trump's narcissistic boasts and empty promises would solve nothing. If "poo poo" ("it shouldn't happen"), he were to become president, it would be a "shanda" (disgrace).

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