Trump's Impending Energy Agenda

Donald Trump's stunning presidential victory will have dramatic policy implications across the spectrum, not the least of which will be in the arena of energy and the environment. While some of Trump's policy positions have been vague and others have changed over time, the overall direction is clear: less environmental regulation, more support for fossil fuels, and a dramatic overhaul of government offices like the Environmental Protection Agency.

Here is an outlook of some of the key issues:

Climate change: Trump has denied the role of human activity causing climate change and has vowed to ignore the Paris agreement. He has said that he opposes the Clean Power Plan, and while his precise path is not clear, he will have the ability to undermine, weaken or withdraw it.

Support for fossil fuel industry: Expect broader access for fossil energy development on public lands. Rules established by the Obama Administration that limit emissions and extend environmental reviews will be repealed or watered down. Trump also indicated that he wants to bring coal jobs back, although his strategy for doing so is less defined.

Revamping the EPA: Trump has said he will eliminate the EPA, and while this appears to be an unlikely feat, he can certainly change the direction of the agency dramatically by upending the interpretation of various statutes or declining to fill significant positions in a way that hobbles enforcement.

While the particulars of the Trump Administration's policy agenda are unclear, one thing is for certain: the energy sector will experience far-reaching policy changes.