Trump's Inaugural Speech

I am surprised that nobody has yet commented on how mean-spiritedly our new President has described the tenure of his distinguished predecessor in his Inaugural speech. It is one thing to make snide remarks about the opposition when you are running for office. When you have achieved it, you are required to show more graciousness.

We expect the usual superlatives from him regarding his election ("an historic moment the likes of which the world has never seen before"), but to say that in "faithfully executing the Presidency" (which he may do in more ways than one) "you have to restore its promise for all of its people...transferring power from Washington, D.C."" is to do more than imply that Obama left some citizens out. It is to suggest that the previous administration only paid attention to itself. "To all Americans," he concluded," you will never be ignored again." Would that our Groper-in-Chief could prove to be a tenth as inclusive as the man who may prove to be our greatest Chief Executive since Abraham Lincoln.