Trump's Islamophobia Must Be Opposed

"I think Islam hates us." That's what Donald Trump said Wednesday night. He doubled down on it at Thursday's debate.

Trump must be denounced immediately by people of faith In America and around the world for saying something so hateful, bigoted, and dangerous. To conflate 1.6 billion people around the world with violent religious extremism is absolutely irresponsible, and will actually accelerate such extremism. Donald Trump has made millions of dollars working with Muslims in the Middle East and knows his statement that "Islam hates us" is not true. But like with racism, he is selling hatred for others and another religion to help him become President of the United States. As Christians, we should apologize to our Muslim brothers and sisters for Donald Trump and commit ourselves to opposing him.

Trump consistently uses falsehood and hate for his personal and political self-aggrandizement. He deliberately lies and manipulates the sins in our nation for his own self-advantage. That is a terrible sin itself. This is way beyond politics and partisanship now--it is a fundamental moral issue. Donald Trump is an evil and dangerous man who is unrepentant about his sins. Media pundits will say that Trump will get away with this again, like he has with his many other inflammatory, racist and dangerous statements, and that his rising constituency will actually like their man speaking this way. According to polling, 82 percent of Trump's supporters support his unconstitutional and morally indefensible proposed ban on Muslims entering the country.

So it's time to denounce the views of those who support these hateful statements from Donald Trump. People of faith must denounce anyone who speaks this way, especially other people of faith--because this is now an issue of faith. Politically, it is time to remember Germany in the 1930's and pray that the Lord will have mercy on this country's political process with Donald Trump's rise to power.

Donald Trump is promoting false religion. He is attacking religious liberty. He attacks others who are made in the image of God. He supports and continues to commit America's original sin of racism. Donald Trump needs to ask God for repentance for his many sins. But we must not politically forgive Trump's sins until he asks God for forgiveness. Donald Trump must be opposed by people of faith, for his racial and religious bigotry.