Trump's Magical Realism: Banning Muslims

Donald Trump wants to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, including tourists and businessmen. I am sure, as he always does, that he has put a lot of his deep thought into this grand scheme. After all, he is a leader with big plans for many things, but most especially for keeping foreigners out of our country -- beginning, of course, with Mexicans. So now with his new strategy for defeating the radical ISIS hoardes, he has taken the position -- why not use a meat cleaver on the ISIS threat by outlawing all people within the faith which ISIS claims to represent -- namely Islam. (Of course, there will be those who might complain that ISIS, a small thuggish band of fanatics, does not really represent true Muslims, but that is a mere technicality given the brazen threat we face.) So Trump has put forth the idea of a total ban on this one huge religious group, numbering in the millions, living in major countries around the globe. But here let us pause and give some further thought to the consequences of the Trump proposal. We gather that his plan will mean no more Saudi oil men, Egyptian weapon-buyers, Gulf state oil interests, moderate Muslims from Indonesia, Malayan investors in American real estate, Muslims tourists from all over the world etc, etc. will ever be able to enter our country again. That now seems a certainty. But does the ban include Muslim diplomats? Does that mean Muslim-Americans who serve in the US military abroad can no longer come home? I am sure that Mr. Trump has taken all of these matters under consideration and will, in due course, soon provide us with one of his cogent explanations for this undertaking. After all, this is a man never at a loss for words. He may be the quintessential magical realist of American politics.