Trump's management priorities critical to policy rollouts

President Donald Trump’s “skinny” budget submission last week generated substantial controversy, but it is by no means the last word on the subject since Congress will have the dominant role in making the final spending decisions. 

But one element of the budget that has flown largely under the radar is a very important statement on the new administration’s management priorities, an area where unlike the budget, the president has substantial authority to act.

There is much to commend, beginning with the important fact that the president included his management agenda in this critical document. Although not sexy, this focus on managing the government has enormous consequence both on the budget itself (huge savings are possible) and on the delivery of critical services.

In the business world, every smart CEO has a gameplan for making, distributing and marketing a product or for delivering a service. The smart CEO understands the risks and opportunities, has a leadership team that is held accountable and knows what decisions need to be made and who needs to make them.

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