Trump’s off to a rough start. Here’s what can make his job easier.

Max Stier is president and chief executive of the Partnership for Public Service.

Donald Trump campaigned for the presidency as a billionaire businessman who would bring private-sector expertise to Washington. But as he quickly discovered, it is much harder running the federal government than a family enterprise.

The White House got off to a rocky start during its first weeks, appearing disorganized and in turmoil at times. Every new administration has encountered speed bumps and made mistakes, having never faced the enormous task of managing such a large, complicated enterprise as the federal government.

The true test, however, will be how fast Trump and his team adjust and whether they will learn the right lessons from this baptism by fire.

Based on the experience of past administrations, here are steps the president and his team should take to manage the government better, create more orderly decision-making processes and engender greater public confidence:

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