Trump's Opening Statement At The First Presidential Debate

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during the Republican candidates debate sponsored by CNN at the Un
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during the Republican candidates debate sponsored by CNN at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida, March 10, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

[An imagined event too good to be true, and yet...]

In my acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, I said the political arena was "rigged" by the powerful against the people. I said I had entered this corrupt arena because "Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it."

Politicians like "Crooked Hillary" will say anything to keep the rigged system in place. I put my faith in the Constitution. I knew that by exercising my First Amendment right to free speech, with a free press to report the thunderbolts of truth I'd hurl -- Bolt style - that man's one of my favorite Blacks -- we have a lot in common - thunderbolts of truth at the system, the elites would collapse, and Hillary with them, smitten by the Trumpian "voice of the people."

My faith was misplaced. The Press -- that lowest form of life, Believe me! And of humanity, Trust me! -- and I mean you people who are running this very show [point finger at Moderator and Panel]. The Press has rigged the system totally, absolutely corrupted it, corrupted beyond repair. When I throw this obvious fact at them, they claim I'm "whining" about media coverage. Give me a break! Trump doesn't whine.

And why was my faith misplaced? Because an honest, free Press by now would have showed how crooked Hillary is, would have showed how Trump led in the best polls, would have supported the Wall I would build and the bill I would send Mexico for its cost, would have rallied to my defense in claiming Obama and his cipher, Hillary, to be the founders of ISIS instead of ridiculing me for again and again fingering the truth and "NOTHING ELSE", as I pledged to do in that historic speech at the Convention.

In that speech my pledge read "I'M WITH YOU -- THE AMERICAN PEOPLE." But in truth, as I have discovered, I'm not able to be with you, because the crooked Press has come between us. Until and unless the elites who control the Press are removed from power -- "eliminated" as lovers of the Second Amendment might say -- this voice for, by and of the people can not be heard. This happens to be the biggest Con the world has ever seen, and believe me, I know a big Con when I see one -- better than that midget Bloomberg or anyone else -- and it's happening as I speak -- right in front of you.

Well, I don't participate in Cons, particularly when I'm the winner who is being cheated out of his victory by a system riddled with corrupt journalists. I won't play this game. I won't bend over for this abuse. You won't have Trump to kick around any more, as General Douglas MacArthur once said. I'm out of here, now. As for my followers -- who knows.

Crooked Hillary -- your move.