Trump's Son-In-Law Is Told To 'Lawyer Up'

The stakes are high for the White House as the Trump administration struggles to reboot.

The fire in the underbrush is getting closer to Donald Trump and seems to be burning brighter as well.

California Congressman Ted Lieu of Torrance, California, has advised Donald Trump’s son-in-law that he’d better “lawyer up.” Lieu claims Kushner, 36, lied and committed a crime regarding contact with foreign governments. “Kushner committed a felony by not disclosing two meetings with high profile Russians during his security clearance hearings,” Lieu told MSNBC’s AM Joy.

The stakes are high for the White House as the Trump administration struggles to reboot following a near-unanimous disastrous first hundred days. Trump wants to get his 2018 agenda before a Republican-controlled Congress. If Democrats reclaim all or part of Congress, most observers bank on a full-blown investigation into the Trump White House which would include the Russian scandal.

Also on deck for a Democratic-led investigation would be Trump’s conflicts of interest and the family’s conflicts of interest (hello, Ivanka, and any crimes committed by his aides).

Leiu also called for Kushner’s security clearance to be suspended, a sign that the Russian scandal is pushing the Trump family further into the toilet.

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