Trump's Success is a Desperate Cry for Help

A country in crisis will always search for outsiders. And if we look at what Donald Trump suggests, to deny Muslims into America, we must admit that this is quite an extreme proposal -- even for Republican standards.

I have asked many people abroad what they think about Donald Trump, to possibly understand why he has such success in the Republican primary election so far with several racist comments, among several other blunders, behind him. I have surprisingly received many comprehensible answers, on Trump's behalf from all kinds of people.

What people seem to agree on is that former American politicians from both sides have done a lot wrong for their country in the recent decades. Many are actually very outraged on how bad America is ruled these past years, how they have let crime and obesity explode. How the upper class is rising while the middle class is not the majority anymore, and that means fewer rich people and many more poor ones. How America still put people in jail more than any other nation. How the prices to get a decent education is increased sky-high. How they treat the American soil and the nature in general. The list could go on and on.

There are many unanswered questions out there about why average Americans are suffering and getting poorer while the biggest industries and company owners can roll themselves in more cash. The recent years, the American growth and wealth is distributed into the already rich ones' moneybags while the middle class and the broke ones who needed it most is taking the bill.

When we summarize the development, or should we say the lack of development, of the country we all love, it's understandable that American citizens cheering for the Republican candidate Donald Trump. People want a leader who guarantees changes, and Trump promises exactly that. He is a businessman and speaks like one, and people seem to understand him well. He is now the voice of many powerless and desperate Americans who not only just want changes but who also needs changes badly. These people are not extremist. Many are just ordinary folks like us, some are poor, some rich, some old and some young, but they have one thing in common; they are tired of paralyzed politicians who don't or can't do the right things for their bellowed country.

There are unfortunately several reasons why a sitting president can't do as he like to. He must go through congress, and he must keep his promises to the people and companies that supported him during the election. So even if the sitting president wants to change something, the laws, deals and regulations may stop him -- no matter how much he wants them. I think America needs a leader who put their fellow citizens prosperity and health above all else; a leader with integrity that is genuine focused on the tasks and who's fighting for these American brothers and sisters every single day, the whole period of four or eight years. America needs a leader who prioritizes the promises to the common man ahead of wealthy banks and rich companies.

Although people understand the desperate cries from many Americans, they don't think or want Trump to be president of the United States. His lack of manners is one thing, the racism he has shown, to Mexicans and Muslims, is another thing. But the third and the most important thing America now needs is empathy and an understanding that many Americans are fighting everyday for survival -- a new leader needs to recognize the domestic problems and to put words into action immediately. People don't think Trump has these qualities, but to be honest; which other candidates does? It seems that the political system makes Americans choose between two evils; Republicans or Democrats: For that I feel sorry for America, and for that I understand why Donald Trump is one of the Republicans favorites. America needs drastic changes.

Maybe a new political system should be on the agenda, and perhaps it will come with some new innovative politic ideas that can be implemented in the American system. The way it is right now is not the path to a sustainable future for the American people.