The Secret of Trump's Wall

Have you been wondering why Trump has said nice things about Putin and vice versa?


Have you also wondered why people in his campaign have had ties with Russia?

And have you wondered why he keeps calling his wall "great"--which makes some people think of The Great Wall of China?


Are you wondering why Trump went to Mexico after insulting the Mexican people?

And why he insists every single time he mentions it that he's going to make the Mexicans pay for his wall? Even though two Mexican presidents have said there's no chance?

The answer is obvious: Trump has been cozying up to Putin because he's not going to build an actual wall when he's president. Mexico is going to buy the old Iron Curtain from Russia for a low, low price. It's just been sitting in storage all this time, right? It's a steal!

It was great and it did a tremendous, tremendous job for decades. Well, until the Russians got schlonged.

This is a brilliant strategy that's going to create tens of thousands of jobs while keeping out rapists and murderers and bad people and make us all safe.

Folks, Trump's "Wall" is absolutely going to be very, very amazing. Believe him.

Lev Raphael is the author of 25 books in genres from mystery to memoir which you can find on Amazon.