Trump's Top 10 [plus] List of Banned Ethnicities

As the election season moves forward like a freight train filled with sound and fury, immigration reform takes a front seat. With the backdrop of global terrorism, and threat of ISIS, strategies to keep America safe have become a common denominator in the spirited debates. Mr. Trump, in his infinite medieval wisdom, wants to keep certain select group of ethnicities out to keep us all safe, theoretically. If towering walls and deafening alarms were the only solution, and the country was not surrounded by oceans, a drawbridge over alligator infested moats may also have been suggested. However, limiting such restrictions to only a certain demographic may be a bit of short sightedness. After all, most ethnic groups, if not all, over time have shown a tendency towards violence as a means of political, economic or social dominance. So, if we are truly serious about this, then it may not be an unreasonable idea to create a short list of other potential threats, just in case. Here are a few that have proven worthy over the past few centuries:

1. Muslims: They are the hot topic and the very reason behind this ambitious plan. They are certainly guilty by believing in a peaceful version of the same religion as some groups of crazy fanatics in the recent past. After all, there are only 1.2 billion of them, no reason to think that they are all not thinking exactly the same violent thoughts at all times.

2. Jews: While we're at it, let's think about excluding Jews from this list of immigration approvals. They've had issues with law and order and a large segment of the world population considers them as oppressors of some sort. Also, there's always been a significant undercurrent of anti-Semitism in the United States, this will be an excellent time to bring it on.

3. Mexicans:
According to Mr. Trump, they are thieves and rapists. Many other consider them as a drain on our economy, (usually the same people who continually hire them on less than minimum wage, so we won't mention that they work harder, and have a better work ethic than most of us). Time for that wall to come up; xenophobic graffiti, barbed wires and all!

4. Japanese:
They have caused more damage to us than anyone else in history. Remember Pearl Harbor? We secluded them then, why not again. You never know. Hiroshima, Nagasaki? Inadmissible evidence?

5. Chinese:
We have issues with their human rights record (except when they are our favorite outsourced manufacturers). We are concerned about them taking over our country, and of course they had a big role to play in the last big war. Mainly, they look different and we don't really understand them.

6. Koreans: We do like South Koreans, however, we have some major issues with the North. They're all the same, aren't they; they even look exactly the same? How do we tell between good and evil?

7. Germans:
Need I say more? Hello! Does anybody remember that incident called the Holocaust? It wasn't just Hitler, a lot of people followed him blindly, so how do we know who is a bad apple? You want to keep America safe, ban them! Who really wants to drive those pretentious German jalopies anyway?

8. Russians:
Remember the cold war? There's potential for more damage coming from them than anybody else in the world. Remember all those ICBMs, which forced us to get our own arsenal of devastating nuclear weapons; just a deterrent of course. Putin; need I say more!

9. British:
Over the past several centuries, they have been the biggest oppressors. Conquering the world through deceit or sheer might, just to pillage, colonize and take back the spoils home with them. That kind of imperial thought just doesn't go away and requires extreme caution. Remember the Revolutionary war; war of 1812? Don't you think they would be looking for some revenge?

10. South Africans: Remember the apartheid? They weren't very nice to their black population. We have lots of African Americans in this country. Who knows if they'll come after them and attack us?

11. African Americans:
While we are trying to save them from the apartheid, remember all the crime and their continuing resistance to slavery? Remember all the racial profiling and their response with violence? It's about time we start cleaning up on the racial dilution started by our ancestors; I'm sure the South will agree.

12. Southerners:
So it may sound ambitious, but they are the ones who started the Civil War. Should we leave it alone, hoping that it will not happen again, or it's time to put up a wall along the Mason-Dixon Line? We can even make the South pay for it.

13. Canadians:
We love our friendly neighbors. They don't really seem to mean any harm. But, do you see what they're doing? A liberal prime minister, a socialist even. They want to give minorities power, and allow Muslim refugees into their homeland with open arms. We should definitely block them out. Another wall?

14. Native Americans:
Now that's a conundrum. They are different, proud, bordering on arrogant. We've got to find a way to have more control over those casinos to compensate for the Trump Taj Mahal disaster. Problem is, they were always here, and guess what, all of us are on THEIR list to be excluded from this land.

It appears that we are in a fix. Going down this road is akin to opening the Pandora's Box. A precedent as dangerous in its execution as it is grand in its raw, misguided ambition. Maybe it's time to push this nonsense aside and focus on bringing people together, rather than driving ethnic wedges to isolate like-minded voters. Walled and isolated threats only breed contempt and anger and have, as history stands a witness, never resulted in a happy ending.