Trump's War on Women

Raise your hand if you are tired of politics. In the United States, we are well on our way through the 2016 elections and frankly it is not looking good. Is anyone else stressed, or is it just me? I consider myself moderate in my political views. When election time rolls around, I often find my opinions and views don't always fit nicely into either side of our two most popular U.S. political parties. Frankly, I am worried about the future of America. Mainly, I am worried that so many Americans are currently supporting Donald Trump as a President-elect.

I almost didn't write this article. There is part of me that doesn't want to give Donald Trump more of a reason to trend in the media and on social media. The other part of me cannot help but raise my voice as an American and a woman who is so frustrated with the support his campaign is receiving. I am disgusted. Really, America? Do we want to elect someone for President who has been on the cover of Playboy magazine? Do we want to elect someone who bullies women, calling them names such as 'pigs', 'slobs', and 'dogs'? We can not forget about the insult hurled at Fox's Megyn Kelly, where Trump avoided her question and sloughed it off by referencing her period saying she "had blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of wherever." Well, Mr. Trump, I am here to tell you that #MenstruationMatters for half of the world's population. In fact, there are young girls who don't have access to the essential products they need in order to effectively make it through this important part of a woman's life cycle. He has dismissed other female reporters, responding to them by saying "you have a pretty face" and moving on from their questions. If you think of the most derogatory things you can say about women, Trump has said them all. Out loud.

Trump regularly uses his own Twitter account and it shows. No one in their right mind would allow this tweet in which Trump eludes to the fact that women should expect nothing less than to be raped if they serve in the military. With his words and actions, Trump sets the stage for a masculinity in America that encourages women to be treated merely as objects. In a recent New York Times article, this objectification is described as "uncontrolled." The article goes on to say, "It's pure ego competition, with a pornogrified flavor." Do we want our sons and daughters to grow up under this type of leadership? As evidenced by his lead in the polls, apparently, some Americans want to elect a sexist, misogynistic television and business tycoon mogul -- and frankly, a bully -- as our next President.

Trump's constant degradation of women alone is enough to not vote for him. How can we elect someone who has no filter? I guess if you are rich and self-funding your own campaign you can say whatever you please. This only propagates that money really can buy anything, including a spot as President. I honestly question any man or woman who chooses to support someone who so outspokenly refers to women as if they have no value or importance at all. In response to the media attention, this week, Trump has been tweeting about how he respects women. Sorry, you are too late to backtrack now. His past actions speak louder. Will we "Make America Great Again?" Not with Donald Trump.

Featured image by artist Elina Tuomi.

Originally published on Girls' Globe.